Prince Harry Made a Big Lifestyle Sacrifice for Meghan Markle, Says Friend

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are settling into their new home in Los Angeles, and have only been spotted in public on a couple of occasions. The two are planning their next business ventures all while trying to stay connected to friends and family while in quarantine.

Although they haven’t really spoken out in the past few weeks, there have been a number of reports about what the formerly royal pair could be up to. According to one recent news story, Prince Harry just proved his devotion to Meghan by giving up one of his favorite activities

Hunting is a tradition within the royal family

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This afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, alongside Her Majesty The Queen and Members of The Royal Family. The Commonwealth is a global network of 54 countries, working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals, and the Service today seeks to highlight the vast community which spans every geographical region, religion and culture, embracing diversity amongst its population of 2.4 billion people, of which 60 percent are under 30 years old. As President and Vice-President of the @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been passionate advocates of the Commonwealth having spent many years working closely with the next generation of Commonwealth leaders. The theme of the Commonwealth for 2020 is ‘Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming', placing emphasis on youth, the environment, trade, governance, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and innovation. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, the Service celebrates the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. Photo © PA

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Within the royal family, hunting is a time-honored tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Hunting is a communal sport, with many family members gathering together for several days to hunt, reminisce, and enjoy the outdoors. Prince Harry, just like his older brother Prince William, and other members of his family, is a hunting aficionado and has spent many days out in the field.

In 2018, Prince Harry began making headlines for missing traditional hunts. Reportedly, the royal even skipped the Boxing Day hunt — one that he had been an attendee of for more than two decades. Although that same report claimed that Prince William was none too happy with his younger brother for missing out on important family traditions, Prince Harry didn’t let other opinions sway his resolve.

Again, in late 2019, Prince Harry missed out on grouse-hunting with his family, although that could have had more to do with a beetle infestation rather than any other outside influences. 

Meghan Markle is an animal rights activist

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As we continue to reflect on some of the organisations supported by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, today we wanted to share more about @TheMayhew, an animal welfare charity which The Duchess became Patron of earlier this year. Mayhew believes in the power of community and the special bond between humans and animals, which is why their programming does not simply focus on rescuing animals but rather takes a more holistic approach to shaping the lives of pets and humans, alike. Their TheraPaws dogs and volunteers now visit not just care homes and hospitals, but also mental health facilities and youth groups – expanding the benefits of animal assisted therapy into much needed areas. They also work with the homeless community assisting with treatments and check ups for their pets so that the most vulnerable can trust that their pet will remain by their side. This year, Mayhew has continued its specialized work overseas, vaccinating more than 30,000 dogs against rabies and other diseases, and empowering locals to improve animal welfare humanely and sustainably. The Duchess is also proud that they are creating opportunities for women, with the female led vet team in Kabul neutering 2,500 dogs so far this year. As a long-time rescue dog owner, The Duchess of Sussex is proud to be Mayhew’s Patron and applauds them for the vital work that they do every day. Please visit @TheMayhew to learn more, as Mayhew continue their very important contribution to the community for all of us and the pets we hold dear. Photo © PA / Ivan Flores / Tamara Yoxall

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Many believe that Prince Harry’s newfound aversion to one of his favorite former pastimes is due to none other than his wife, Meghan. The Duchess of Sussex is a well-known animal rights activist and has been known to follow a vegan diet and to choose vegan leather clothes from time to time.

While Prince Harry himself hasn’t spoken out as to why he’s taken a step back from hunting, some people close to the couple have.

Dr. Jane Goodall, a close personal friend to Prince Harry, recently spoke out, revealing that the former senior royal might stop hunting entirely because Meghan “doesn’t like it.”

Dr. Goodall, a longtime champion of the natural world, also spoke to Prince Harry’s fondness for hunting, stating: “I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.” 

Did Prince Harry just quit hunting for Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, smiling looking off camera
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Prince Harry might have just put the kibosh on his past as a hunter once and for all. In a recent PageSix report, sources claimed that Prince Harry sold his prized handmade rifles to placate Meghan and to signify that he has no intention of hunting in the future.

The source states that Prince Harry sold the guns, worth around $60,000 total, to a hunter in a private deal. Supposedly, the deal was done anonymously, so the buyer didn’t even realize that the guns had belonged to Prince Harry, although the source says that “he was quite chuffed when he found out.”

It certainly seems as though Prince Harry has been done with hunting for a long time, and that his unloading of the valuable weapons is just the final step in the process of becoming an animal-rights activist himself. Up next, fans might expect to see the royal touting vegan leather products and encouraging meat-free meal alternatives.