Prince Harry’s Secret Obsession With Tabloids Is One He Shares With Princess Diana

Prince Harry has grown up in the public eye, a beloved member of the royal family. However, in recent years, he has gone from being known as the “fun” royal to a figure of extreme division.

His marriage to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex kickstarted a relentless crusade against the tabloids that continues to this day. While the royal has many sympathizers, it is clear that his popularity is nowhere near what it once was — especially in light of his recent exit from senior royal status.

Still, some reports claim that Prince Harry comes by his hatred of the tabloid press honestly, since his mother, the late Princess Diana, also had a problematic relationship with the media. 

Princess Diana’s back and forth battle with the press

Diana Princess of Wales at a dinner given by President Mitterand in November, 1988
Diana Princess of Wales | David Levenson/Getty Images

Princess Diana was one of the most-loved royal figures of all time. Known as the “People’s Princess,” she spent her days helping others, raising awareness of important human rights issues, and spending time with her two young boys.

Even a bitter divorce did little to diminish her status in the eyes of the public. The British media, knowing the people’s love for Princess Diana, pursued her relentlessly, following her whenever she dared step foot outside her home.

The months following her divorce from Prince Charles were even more difficult for Princess Diana, as she was even more of a high-interest figure than ever before. After her untimely death in a car crash, many accused the media of driving her to an early grave, causing her an unparalleled amount of stress and anxiety.

Still, a new book indicates that not only was Princess Diana obsessed with reading the stories about her in the press but that her youngest son actually shares her unhealthy obsession. 

Prince Harry is reportedly obsessed with the tabloids

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A new book, titled Finding Freedom, details the connection that Prince Harry shares with his late mother. The book claims that not only was Princess Diana “obsessed” with reading the media coverage about her life, but that Prince Harry started dating Meghan in 2016, he started a similar pattern.

Sources for the book claim that “Diana became obsessed with her media coverage and when Harry began dating Meghan, he was much the same. Reading the negative stories and the outright lies was toxic for both of them. The effect on them was powerful.”

The sources also reveal that Prince Harry’s obsession has gotten worse in the past several years. They reveal: “When Meghan became pregnant, there was a definite change. Palace aides have seen the prince become absolutely furious over certain stories. There was a bit of walking on eggshells when he got very emotional about it.”

Prince Harry is actively fighting the tabloid press

Prince Harry attends Adam Tower project introduction in 2019
Prince Harry | KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP via Getty Images

Prince Harry might be equally affected by the negative tabloid stories as his late mother was, but rather than allow himself and his wife to go down a similar path, he has chosen to fight back. Over the years, he has issued several statements directed at the press, the first in defense of Meghan Markle not long after they started dating, and more recently, a statement announcing a lawsuit.

The current, ongoing lawsuit against several British tabloids proves that Prince Harry is willing to do what it takes to defend his privacy and the safety of his family. Even if his actions have earned him substantial criticism, it seems unlikely that he will back down from his aggressive stance at this point in time. After all, he still carries the memory of his mother with him at all times.