Prince Once Explained What He Considered ‘The Road to Ruin’

Prince remains one of the most legendary pop musicians ever to grace this planet. Whether you refer to the man, the myth, the legend as The Prince of Funk, or His Royal Badness, his reputation as both a talented musician and a cultural icon is unparalleled. Many deem the “Purple Rain” singer a sexual orientation in and of himself; he seemed to exist in a sexual utopia outside the boundaries society places around attraction and arousal. He boasted a sensuality that was always pointing directly at his listeners, who swooned over his androgynous appeal. 

Prince | Dave Benett / Contributor

Many believed that Prince had figured out the secrets to life — the secrets to happiness and expression way before his time. During an interview with ET back in the day, he discussed his worldview and what he deemed essential to a fulfilling existence. 

Prince talked about getting ‘tied down to…earth’

Prince believed that “reverence for life” was the key. He told ET: 

“Reverence for life, that’s important…Ego is one thing, money is one thing, but reverence for life and service to others is the key to getting off this planet.”

Prince | ETP

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Prince noted that it’s important to remain untethered to the material world and the “human body” that takes us through life. He was a spiritual man who looked beyond the tangible when contemplating existence. He shared: 

“Whenever we get too tied down to anything on Earth — be it a name, a body, a lifestyle — that’s the road to ruin…”

Prince | ET

Prince explained how he directs his attention — what was worthy of his time and focus, and how he channeled his emotions and thoughts through his art. 

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Prince discussed focusing on what matters and staying ‘centered through music’ 

Prince explained to ET that he can’t be bothered with nonsense – with grudges and disagreements that seize focus from what is significant. He shared: 

“When you get too worried about the human body and this lifetime and you put too much effort in it in a negative sense, like fighting someone, it just keeps you from your goal. So, I don’t bother.”

Prince noted that he confronted his emotions and thoughts via his art, stating “I deal with everything through my music. Emotionally I stay centered through music,” he said. “It’s the best medicine in the world.” And, due to his artistic expression, he was able to connect to listeners around the world — listeners who felt his love, who felt his spirit (and still do).