Prince William and Kate Middleton Cleverly Bent Royal Rules to Support for Global ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are two of the most popular members of the royal family. In spite of their elevated positions within the royal family, they consistently come across to fans as real and relatable and are unquestionably great parents to their three young kids.

Prince William and Kate always manage to find time for charitable causes that matter to them — even when they are bucking royal tradition to do so, as they did recently with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The royal family cannot generally express political opinions

The royal family is a notoriously rules-bound group, and have been generally following many of the same traditions and guidelines for decades. When it comes to behavior, members of the family look to Queen Elizabeth for guidance and have been known to follow her example.

One point on which Queen Elizabeth is particularly stringent is politics. The queen is actually required to remain “neutral” in matters of British politics and it is considered unconstitutional for her to vote in any political election.

As for other members of the royal family, there doesn’t seem to be a strict rule in place prohibiting them from expressing their political opinions. However, it is generally believed that the queen prefer members of her family to not make a political stir and to not align themselves with any very controversial causes or political figures.

There have been occasions over the years when various members of the royal family have spoken out about obliquely political causes, and Prince Charles has long been an advocate for environmental activism. However, in general, senior members of the royal family keep themselves separate from most political debates. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are community-minded

Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey
Prince William and Kate Middleton | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

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Prince William and Kate have shown a great affinity for charitable causes and human rights issues.

Kate, in particular, has long shown an affinity for aligning herself with causes that benefit women and children, especially those from disadvantaged economic circumstances. The Duchess of Cambridge has been transparent with her own struggles as a new mom, opening up about how important it is for women to ask for help when they need it.

Although Kate and Prince William might not be as controversial as Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in the way that they choose to speak out, they are clearly as committed to charitable efforts.

In 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, launched their Heads Together charity, which focuses on mental health and wellness. It was through this charity that the couple recently made their statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 

Prince William and Kate’s charity showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement

With celebrities, social justice figures, and politicians all over the world speaking out on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement, all eyes have been on the royal family to see if they would speak out in any meaningful way. Prince William and Kate did not disappoint, even though they made their statement in a somewhat unconventional manner — through a post on the Heads Together social media channels.

On June 2nd, the Heads Together page posted the message “Heads Together stands with the black community. Today and every day. This is a reminder to all that your mental health matters and our charity partners are there for you if you need support.”

The post concluded with the resounding statement that “Black Lives Matter. Today and every day.” It is clear that the message came has approval from Prince William and Kate, and even if they weren’t allowed to make a personal statement, their direct involvement in the Heads Together charity proves that they care deeply about the movement that is currently sweeping the world.