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Prince William and Prince Harry’s Feud Started in Childhood, Not Because of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Astrologist Says [Exclusive]

Prince Harry and Prince William's icy relationship began in childhood and was amplified after their mother, Princess Diana's death. Is there hope for healing? Astrologist Joy Yascone-Elms believes there is.

Prince Harry‘s marriage to Meghan Markle is not the reason for tension with his brother Prince William, astrologist Joy Yascone-Elms said.

Instead, the wedge in Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship started in childhood, rooted when their mother, Princess Diana was killed.

“The brothers, these issues, a lot of people are blaming on the spouses,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “These issues have existed since they were children since they were small boys. And, they have different lenses in which they process information.”

The royal brothers’ icy relationship is written in the stars

Yascone-Elms said Prince Harry and Prince William’s charts point to long-term tension that did not start with Markle and Middleton.

Princess Diana is nearby while Prince William and Prince Harry sit on a piano stool
Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“Harry’s chart has Saturn in his house of siblings and communication,” she said. “So it shows a struggle has always existed between them. With Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio, they’ve had difficulty communicating.”

“Also Prince Harry’s natal Saturn challenges Prince William’s house of career,” she added. “Yet, Prince William‘s natal chart with Saturn in Libra impacted Prince Harry’s career house as well with challenges. These struggles are not new; they have existed for the lifeline of their relationship as brothers.”

Prince Harry’s Netflix series and book ‘Spare’ are not about vengeance

Sibling rivalry started years before Middleton and Markle even came into the picture. “So it just shows that this sibling rivalry has existed since they were children,” Yascone-Elms said. “And I know that Princess Diana would want them to be a united front.”

“But one thing with Prince William that’s interesting is that Harry’s journey is about him about what his truth is and how he needs to process things to heal,” she said. “This is a big step for him. He is terrified, but he’s doing it knowing that there’s going to be repercussions.”

“But he’s OK to risk it all because he feels like since his mother’s death, he will never put job or duty over family. Or love,” she said. “And he’s protecting his wife the way he wishes someone would have protected and loved Princess Diana, his mother. He felt his mother did not have protection. She did not have that love and she was thrown to the wolves. And it’s not vengeance for him. This is his truth. He is not trying to hurt anyone. It’s clear in his chart.”

Can Prince Harry and Prince William heal?

While the royal brothers have had an icy relationship, Yascone-Elms believes the brothers can come together.


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“There’s going to be a healing conversation. And they have a potential for healing,” she predicted. “Between now and the end of the year, definitely over the holidays. So I think for their mother’s sake. Prince William can’t say to Harry if you just stop Netflix and if you stop your book and if you stop this, I will be your brother. They are brothers, no matter what. So they have to just be a united front and say, hey, that’s you, that’s your path and I respect it. And this is my path and I respect you and we respect each other.”

“But this has been something that’s really hard for them to heal because it’s existed their whole lives,” she said. “Prince William in his chart shows that he’s a little bit jealous that Harry had such freedom because he was the spare. Prince Harry feels in his chart, well, I was the spare. I wasn’t treated as significant or important. I wasn’t valued.”

For more information about Joy Yascone– Elms visit her website or her book, “The Power of Divine Timing: The Secret to Success in Every Endeavor Is Timing.”