Prince William’s Body Language at Recent Appearance With Kate Middleton Shows ‘Inner Tension,’ But Subtle Signals Show Their ‘Closeness and Support,’ Expert Says

Prince William showed a bit of tension during a recent appearance in Boston with Kate Middleton, a body language expert revealed. Kate offered nonverbal support, as the expert noted the subtle moments William and Kate were seen touching and sitting close to each other.

Prince William and Kate Middleton body language on display at Boston Celtics basketball game
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein – Pool/WireImage

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared ‘rewarding touches’ during a basketball game, body language expert says

William and Kate attended the Boston Celtics game on Nov. 30 and their body language as they watched courtside was revealing, according to expert Judi James.

James, a body language expert, shared her analysis of the couple’s gestures and expressions at the appearance, telling The Sun Online that Prince William looked tense but Kate was there to provide her support.

“The normally tactile-shy couple are using three key tie-signs or cues to suggest a mutual need to register unusually high signals of love, support and togetherness,” James said.

The expert continued, “Their arms are pressed together from just above the elbow to the wrists and when William stops leaning away to chat they will likely be pinned at the shoulders, too.”

She added, “Kate is leaning in towards her husband to create this close proximity and these rewarding touches and William seems more than happy with them.”

Prince William showed ‘inner tension’ and was seen ‘clinging to Kate’s hand,’ expert notes

At one point, Kate placed her hand on William’s knee, a gesture that he seemed to appreciate, given his “inner tension.”

“The way he’s clinging to Kate’s hand does suggest inner tension,” James said. “She has done this PDA before but it has been more of a fleeting gesture but here it is getting validation from William’s reciprocal response.”

James further analyzed the way he touched Kate in response. “He places his own hand on top of hers and even curls his fingers around her hand to keep it in place,” she pointed out.

There are other subtle signs of touch James witnessed too. “Their knees are also touching, providing some strong sensory signals of closeness and support,” she said.

“Kate has even placed her legs in a knee splay position to achieve this, suggesting she feels the touch is important,” the body language expert added.


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Body Language Shows ‘Telltale Signs’ of ‘a Couple in Love’ During Boston Royal Visit, Expert Says

Kate Middleton displayed a self-comfort gesture that was a departure from her ‘immaculate’ smile, body language expert says

James pointed out a moment when Kate appeared to show a “self-comfort ritual,” which was a departure from her usual smile during this US visit.

“Kate’s smile has been as immaculate as usual in Boston but here she sucks her lips in,” James noted.

“This is another sensory trick,” she continued. “Lips have the densest concentration of nerve endings of any part of the body and pressing and sucking them in like this can be a self-comfort ritual under pressure.”

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