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Whenever Prince William and the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) are seen showing a little PDA while they’re out and about, it makes news. And so do those moments when they think no one is watching.

Now a video from shortly after their royal wedding showing the Prince of Wales‘ intimate gesture with his bride in the backseat of a car is making the rounds, and fans can’t stop talking about it.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, who was seen being intimate with his wife in a vehicle after their wedding, depart in car after attending the annual Reception for Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Kate Middleton and Prince William smiling as they depart in car after a reception at Buckingham Palace | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Video captures Prince William’s affectionate gesture in the car

The prince and princess were married on April 29, 2011, at London’s Westminster Abbey in front of nearly 1,900 guests.

After the ceremony, William’s grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, hosted a luncheon at Buckingham Palace for around 600 guests. And that was followed by a dinner reception hosted by then-Prince Charles for 300 guests.

Being around and mingling with so many people throughout the day, it’s not surprising that when William and his new wife actually had a moment to themselves in the back of a car he reached out for her.

Video of the intimate moment between the couple was uploaded on TikTok and has more than 200,000 views, over 39,000 likes, and dozens of comments. The text in the clip reads: “William and Catherine walking to the car” and “Them inside the car.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton in a car as they leave Calgary International Airport
Prince William and Kate Middleton smiling in a car as they leave Calgary International Airport | DON MACKINNON/AFP via Getty Images

It’s inside the vehicle where William appears to reach out and place his hand on Kate. The caption says: “William put his arm on Catherine’s lap.”

Royal fans gushed over the moment

Many royal fans commented on the clip, gushing over the sweet moment.

“Love how they keep their affection for each other discreet,” one user wrote, while another person added: “Lowkey but not secret. So Adorbs.”

“True love,” a third person declared. And a fourth chimed in: “I love them so much.”

And a fifth commented: “I [love] how they absolutely don’t need to prove anything to anyone about their love for each other no matter how much SOME ppl [sic] try to paint them as cold.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton leave Clarence House for Buckingham Palace on the night of their wedding
Prince William and Kate Middleton smile as they leave Clarence House for Buckingham Palace on the night of their wedding | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

For anyone wondering why we don’t see more of this from the prince and princess, body language expert Judi James told The Sun that and believes it may have to do with their future roles.

“As future king and queen they will always have been aware of using similar signals to previous wearers of the crown, which entail no hand-holding in public,” James explained. “They will operate individually as well as a team of two and this individuality is illustrated by the lack of constant coupling signals.”

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