Prince William’s Handling Prince George’s Public Appearances in a ‘Completely Different’ Way Than Princess Diana and Prince Charles Did With Him — Expert


  • Prince William, per an expert, has “curated” Prince George’s public appearances in a “completely different way” than Princess Diana and Prince Charles did with him.
  • According to the expert, he wants to “protect” Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis “for as long as possible.” 

There’s no denying Prince William is following in Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ footsteps. Like his father, he will someday become king. Similar to Diana, the Duke of Cambridge focuses on some of the same philanthropic causes. However, with his children and public appearances, a royal expert says William’s doing things “completely different” from his parents. 

Prince George’s public appearances have been ‘curated’

Speaking to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, royal expert Richard Kay discussed Prince George’s introduction to public life. Specifically, how the 9-year-old, who is third in the line of succession, is being ushered into the spotlight in a “completely different way.” 

“William has curated George’s appearances in a completely different way from the way his mother and father curated his,” Kay said, per Mirror

He continued, saying, William and Harry, but especially William, “were thrust from a very young age center stage.” 

Meanwhile, George, and his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, only make the occasional public appearance. They might go to a soccer game or take part in royal family holiday traditions such as going to church at Sandringham on Christmas Day.

Prince William ‘wants to protect’ his children and provide ‘some semblance of a normal childhood’ despite public appearances

As Kay explained, William’s giving his children, especially George, a different childhood than his own as far as public appearances are concerned. 

“William has taken a different view. He wants to protect [his children] for as long as possible, give them some semblance of a normal childhood,” Kay said. 

Although, as the royal expert noted, it won’t last forever. “Inevitably, as [George] gets older, we’re going to see more of him, in a jacket and tie, at Wimbledon as we did, and at Platinum Jubilee-type celebrations.”

Social media is another factor in George, Charlotte, and Louis’ royal childhoods

Prince George makes a public appearance at a soccer game with Prince William, who according to a royal expert, is doing Prince George's public appearances differently, and Kate Middleton
Prince William, Prince George, and Kate Middleton | Eamonn McCormack – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Beyond George’s public appearances and those of Charlotte and Louis, there’s the added element of the internet. Royal commentator Daniela Elser described the trio as having a “totally new sort of royal childhood” thanks to social media.

In July 2022, Charlotte appeared in a short video with William. Prior to that, glimpses of their family vacation appeared in a video posted on William and Kate’s YouTube channel. 

“Their childhoods are going to be intruded upon in an unprecedented way in the royal annals, all in the name of likes, retweets, and views,” she added.

Additionally, George, Charlotte, and Louis have all three gone viral on social media at one time or another. George received attention for his facial expressions at Wimbledon. The same goes for Charlotte’s funny faces at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and Louis’ during Platinum Jubilee weekend. 

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