Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Body Language Shows ‘Telltale Signs’ of ‘a Couple in Love’ During Boston Royal Visit, Expert Says

A body language expert analyzed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s gestures and expressions when they arrived in Boston for a three-day tour. The expert found that the pair showed signs of being in love and a “subtle but powerful signal of a strongly-bonded couple.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton body language was on display when they landed in Boston for a three day tour including the Earthshot Prize Awards
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s body language when they arrived in Boston was revealing, expert says

Though it’s not an official royal tour, Prince William and Kate landed in Boston for their three-day visit to Boston, which includes the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony.

Body language expert Judi James told The Sun that the couple showed “telltale signs” of their love for each other in their gestures and expressions.

“First impressions, or the attribution effect, are powerful and long-lasting, meaning William and Kate’s arrival poses in the US are vitally important intentional gestures in terms of making an instant impact and selling their style of charisma,” James said.

“Dressed simply and elegantly in toning stylish suits, William and Kate showed first and foremost that they are a couple in love via three key telltale signs,” she continued.

“Their subliminal mirroring rituals — in step and visually in tune, this type of body language matching and mimicry is a subtle but powerful signal of a strongly-bonded couple,” James said. “As Kate and William step off the plane and descend the steps their poses and movements are twinned and synchronized.”

She pointed out, “There’s no need for touches like hand-holding or hugging to either communicate or over-sell their love because their visual symmetry does it for them.”

William and Kate displayed ‘the look of love,’ expert explains

James also looked at William and Kate’s facial expressions and eye contact with one another. 

“Their eye-gaze and the softened facial expressions — even under the pressure of this visit William and Kate use eye contact as they walk side by side and the softened, rounded-cheek smiles that the eye contact produces is what is usually referred to as ‘the look of love.’”

Kate also showed a “hair-preen gesture,” which James said conveys a “signal of strong support for William.”

Kate’s choice to wear Princess Diana’s earrings, according to the body language expert, “must be both comforting and motivational for William as he visits a country that adored his mother.”

James noted, “Kate’s small preening gesture draws attention to the earrings, adding to the very supportive glances she throws at her husband as he speaks to their hosts.”

She added, “As Kate speaks we can see William gazing proudly and adoringly at his wife, with the earring very much in his eye-line”.


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Expert says Prince William’s body language was ‘humble’

The body language expert noted that William also displayed a “dramatic change in his confidence signals” and appeared “humble.”

James explained, “His hand rises up to lay flat on his stomach in a barrier gesture and he pulls a face, dropping his smile, clamping his lips together and wrinkling his nose as though letting his hosts know that his approach is cautious and quite humble rather than showing the kind of high-status royal arrogance they might have been expecting.”

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