Prince William and Kate Middleton Display ‘Strong Bonds’ With Each Other and Their Children, Body Language Expert Says

According to one body language expert, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three kids show the world the “strong bonds they have as a family.”

As evidence of their “deep rapport” with their children, that analyst pointed to their behavior with Princess Charlotte at the Commonwealth Games. How do William and Kate exhibit a deep romantic connection while indicating awareness of the needs of their children? Read on to find out.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, pictured with Princess Charlotte in 2022, display 'strong bonds' according to a royal expert
(L-R) Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton display ‘strong bonds’ as a couple

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, William and Kate display “strong bonds … as a family” through body language. And while Charlotte was the center of their attention at the games, they also showed their closeness as a couple.

Notably, they weren’t engaging in any public displays of affection outright. However, they indicated deep respect toward each other and their children, Stanton explained.

“Seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton with Princess Charlotte in the crowds of the Commonwealth Games demonstrates the kind of parents they intend to be both at home and during their official duties,” Stanton told PureWow.

Furthermore, they were “matching and mirroring each other with their body language and gestures …” he noted. This proved “not just how deep their connection is romantically but how in sync they are as parents too.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton display ‘strong bonds’ as a family

Stanton described how William and Kate’s body language at the Commonwealth Games indicated that their children are “their main priority.”

“Throughout their appearance, [they] are seen with their bodies turned inwards towards Charlotte, with the youngster in between them,” Stanton explained, “demonstrating how she is their main priority and their children come first.”

He added, “We often saw [them] bending down to match Charlotte’s height as they interact with her — a clear sign of the deep rapport they share with her as a parent and the strong bonds they have as a family.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton are raising ‘a new generation of emotionally intelligent royals’


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Author Tanith Carey told FEMAIL (per Daily Mail) that William and Kate are raising “a new generation of emotionally intelligent royals.”

And one thing they do that promotes that, according to experts, is getting to eye level with kids. Author Georgina Durrant explained, “This is a wonderful way of helping children to feel valued, listened to, and secure.”

Referring specifically to Kate, she added, “This could be referred to as Active Listening and it shows them that she is listening properly to what they are saying and she cares.”

The method instills confidence and shows children that their feelings are valid, Durrant explained. “As a parenting technique, it can help children to feel confident in themselves and in talking about their feelings,” she offered.

Durrant concluded, “It can be a really powerful technique in forming strong, trusting relationships between parents and children.”