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According to one of their friends, Prince William and Kate Middleton are as happy and in love as ever. Though rumors of distance and cheating have followed the royal couple for years, sources close to them say their relationship is “so tight” that they’re “just inseparable.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William, pictured at Wimbledon in 2022, are happier than ever according to a friend
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince William and Kate Middleton once dodged rumors he cheated

Prince William and Middleton have not been free of speculation about the state of their marriage. And they were once the subject of rumors he was involved in a scandalous affair (per Marie Claire.) But his friends say to think again before believing the scuttlebutt.

A source spoke to the Daily Mail about Prince William’s commitment to Middleton. And they said loyalty to his wife and children stems from watching his parents. “When you speak to William, he’s actually quite puritanical in his attitude when he talks about his parent’s marriage and what went wrong,” they said.

They added, “It hugely affected the way he approached his own relationship with [Middleton] and why it took so long for him to settle down. He wanted it to be with the right person and [for it to last] forever.”

According to that friend, Prince William doesn’t hold their royal status over his wife. He knows Middleton “would be living a nice life in the country and bringing up a family away from the spotlight” if she hadn’t fallen in love with him.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s friend says the couple is ‘just inseparable’

Now that Prince William and Middleton have been married for 11 years and share three kids, things seem better than ever for the future monarchs. A close source told the Daily Mail, “They honestly couldn’t be happier as a couple. You can’t get a cigarette paper between them. They are so tight, just inseparable.”

Another friend said, “They spend all their time together. They lunch together every day, they sit and watch television together every evening.”

That source added, “They do go out and see their own friends, of course, but they spend an inordinate amount of time together and live a very conventional married life.”

Furthermore, Prince William seems to love being a dad. “Having children always puts things into perspective, and doubly so for him,” one of his friends claimed.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have grown more confident and affectionate through the years


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Body language expert Darren Stanton pointed out how the couple has grown more confident through the years. At the same time, they’ve become more publicly affectionate.

“His willingness to engage in public displays of affection with Kate and his happiness while doing so has become even more prevalent in the last few years,” Stanton said (per Marie Claire.) “Attending premieres, such as the James Bond premiere or recent Top Gun premiere with Tom Cruise, William has quite openly kissed Kate and held her hand.

According to Stanton, such intimate displays speak to the depths of Prince William and Middleton’s love. But they also illustrate their confidence while with each other.