Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Radio Hosting Fell Short of Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ — ‘No Real Comparison’


  • Prince William and Kate Middleton recorded an episode of BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat to mark World Mental Health Day.
  • Hosts of Royally Obsessed described it as “a lot of flash” and little “substance.” 
  • Meanwhile, they remarked Meghan Markle “sets the bar so high” with Archetypes
Prince William and Kate Middleton, whose radio hosting on 'Newsbeat' didn't compare to Meghan Markle's 'Archetypes' podcast according to 'Royally Obsessed' podcast hosts, stand together outside Windsor Castle with Prince Harry
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Commentators say Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Oct. 2022 radio hosting gig didn’t compare to Meghan Markle’s Archetypes. Ahead, learn what commentators had to say about the Prince and Princess of Wales’ “put together” guest spot and the Duchess of Sussex’s Spotify podcast. 

William and Kate discussed mental health on a radio show to mark World Mental Health Day

In between recent appearances and official royal visits, William and Kate stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat. The pair recorded a 15-minute segment for a special episode of the show to mark World Mental Health Day. 

The episode, which aired on Oct. 12, featured Kate and William leading a discussion with mental health experts. Kate confidently posed questions and the pair listened intently to the experts while they shared their own experiences. 

At one point, William offered his “useful analogy” for talking about mental health. He likened it to a toolbox. 

“Big family networks and support networks around people are really important, but a lot of people don’t realize what they actually need until it actually comes along,” he said. “You can be living one life one minute, and something massively changes, and you don’t realize you don’t necessarily have the tools or the experience to be able to tackle that.”

“There’s no right or wrong; that’s the thing as well,” Kate chimed in. “Different things will work for different people and it’s just sometimes trying, isn’t it, as well.”

Podcast hosts wanted more ‘substance’ from Prince William and Kate Middleton 

In the Oct. 13 episode of the podcast, Royally Obsessed, commentators and hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie compared the radio spot to Archetypes

“It felt kind of thin to me if I’m being totally honest, I just thought there were very few actionable tips,” they said of William and Kate’s Newsbeat episode via Express. “There was a lot of talk about this mental health toolbox, and the words mental health kept being used, but I always want actionable steps. There was just a lot of flash.”

“It was definitely produced and put together, but it comes back to wanting those next steps. It was a lot of style, but not a lot of substance,” they concluded. 

Meghan Markle ‘sets the bar so high’ with ‘Archetypes’ podcast


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The Royally Obsessed hosts continued, shifting the conversation to Meghan’s Spotify podcast. 

“I think we expect so much too and I hate to compare because I know there’s no real comparison, but with Archetypes, hearing Meghan and how proficient she is at podcasting, it really sets the bar so high for everyone else, for all of the royals,” they said.

“I think she’s done an incredible job with Archetypes but really she has a lot more time and a lot more space for that,” they concluded.

Archetypes returned in Oct. 2022 after a four-week hiatus due to Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Episodes since have featured Constance Wu and Paris Hilton.