Prince William Will Give Princess Charlotte a Historical Title Change When He Takes the Throne, But Not George or Louis

Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, is currently fourth in line to the British throne. When her father becomes king, she will likely receive a historic title change that is not available to her brothers – Prince George and Prince Louis. It is highly unlikely that Charlotte will be the monarch, but she could one day be Princess Royal.

Prince William Prince Charlotte
Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Prince William has options when he becomes king

During the COVID lockdown, Prince William and Kate Middleton moved their royal duties from in-person engagements to video calls. According to Town & Country, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were speaking with teachers and students at a school in Lancashire, one child had an interesting question for the prince.

“The first William was William the Conqueror. What do you want to be called?” asked the child. Royal journalist Roya Nikkhah reported that William laughed at the question and “declined to comment.”

British monarchs usually choose a different name when they take the throne. The most recent example was Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI. His given name was Albert, and his family called him “Bertie.” But, when he ascended to the throne, he chose the name George.

The Duke of Cambridge’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, so he could easily choose any of those names. If he opts for William, he would be King William V.

Many notable things will take place when Prince William takes the throne

With Queen Elizabeth sitting on the throne for 68 years, it can be difficult to imagine anyone else as monarch. But, it will happen eventually; and, when William is crowned some notable things will take place. Of course, many of these things will also take place when Prince Charles ascends to the throne.

One huge change is that the money in the UK will look completely different. As Tip Hero points out, British currency features the current sovereign. When William becomes king, his face will appear on all paper money and coins. The same thing will happen with stamps and other post-office related documents.

The national anthem will change to God Save The King, and there will be a coronation. The Cambridges will also move their family to Buckingham Palace, home of the monarch. Kate, however, will not be queen. Instead, she will hold the title of queen consort.

Princess Charlotte will receive a historical title change when her father becomes king

Princess Charlotte’s current place in the line of succession – behind her grandfather, father, and brother – means that she will most likely never be queen. Even though she is fourth, she will fall further down the line if Prince George has children.

According to Express, the expectation is that Princess Charlotte will grow up to be a senior working member of the royal family. After finishing her education, Charlotte will most likely do charity work and perform her royal duties.

When Prince William becomes king, he will also grant Charlotte the historical title of Princess Royal. Currently, the title is held by Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter. Traditionally, the title of Princess Royal is given to the monarch’s oldest daughter. There have been only seven Princesses Royal in British royal history.

If Princess Anne is still using the title when Prince William becomes king, Charlotte will not be able to take it. However, gender-equal succession could mean that Charlotte will be granted peerage.