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Queen Elizabeth II once said that Princess Charlotte is confident and always looks out for her big brother. Well, the Prince and Princess of Wales‘ daughter proved once again that she is an expert when it comes to royal protocol and helped Prince George out by reminding him of something he needed to do during their great-grandmother’s funeral.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the State Funeral of their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II
Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the State Funeral of their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

One of the biggest questions in the days leading up to Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral was: Would Prince George and Princess Charlotte be there?

Just hours before the late monarch’s funeral, an order of service confirmed that the second and third in line to the British throne would be in attendance with their parents.

According to the Mirror, “It’s understood the royal couple thought long and hard while having discussions with the children before deciding they would attend.” However, their youngest child, Prince Louis, did not go due to his age.

While Prince William walked in the funeral procession, his son and daughter traveled in the same car as their mother and the new queen consort Camilla. When they entered the church, George and Charlotte walked behind the queen’s casket. The young prince was in a dark-colored suit and his sister was dressed in all black with a black hat. The little princess also sported a horseshoe brooch, which was thought to be a tribute to her great-grandmother who loved horses.

Charlotte reminded George about proper royal protocol

On Sept. 19, 2022, around 2,000 mourners gathered at Westminster Abbey to say goodbye to the queen, thousands more lined the streets, and billions watched from around the world.

There was a moment when cameras panned to George as Charlotte who was speaking to him and looked to be instructing her sibling to do something.

In a clip that has been making the rounds online, the princess appears to tell George “you need to bow” when their Gan Gan’s coffin came past them.

The princess was seen correcting her brother in the past

This wasn’t the first time Charlotte made sure her big brother was in line when he needed to be.


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During Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022, when the family made a final appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the end of the Platinum Pageant, the princess corrected the future king’s posture.

Cameras filming the event rolled as the national anthem (which was then sung as “God Save the Queen”) played and George made the mistake of moving his arms in front of him. When Charlotte noticed her sibling’s posture, she gave him a nudge and looked like she whispered “Arms down, George.”

Charlotte even set an example for her mother as Kate then gently pulled Prince Louis back when he leaned forward to keep his posture straight as well during the anthem.