Princess Charlotte’s ‘Control’ and ‘Confidence’ Impresses Body Language Expert in Video With Prince William


  • Princess Charlotte joined Prince William in a July 31 video to wish England’s women’s soccer team, known as the Lionesses, good luck in the Euro 2022 final.  
  • According to a body language expert, she exhibited “confidence” and “control” by not looking to Prince William for direction.
  • A royal commentator previously called the video an example of how Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis have a “totally new” royal childhood because of social media.

Calm, cool, and collected. Body language expert Judi James analyzed the July 31 Prince William and Princess Charlotte video. The findings? Not only did the 7-year-old dress like Kate Middleton, she appeared confident as she cheered on England’s women’s soccer team. 

Princess Charlotte cheered on the Lionesses with Prince William

Charlotte joined William in a July 31 Twitter video. Sitting in what appeared to be a garden, the pair wished England’s women’s soccer team, aka the Lionesses, good luck in the Women’s Euro 2022 final.  

“We both want to wish the lionesses the best of luck tonight, you’ve done amazingly well in the competition and we’re rooting for you all the way!’ Willam said.

“Good luck! I hope you win. Bye!” Charlotte added with a wave.

“Good luck tonight @Lionesses, we’re all cheering for you!” the post’s caption read.

Princess Charlotte didn’t look to Prince William for any cues, suggesting confidence and control to a body language expert

Body language expert Judi James took a closer look at Charlotte and William’s video. Speaking to the U.K.’s Express, James said Charlotte looked self-assured in front of the camera. 

“Charlotte’s confidence signals are suitably impressive as she eggs the football team on,” she observed. “There are no glances at her dad to take her cue.” Additionally, “She is the one saying ‘Bye!’ and waving to complete the message.”

In the video, Charlotte can be seen looking off-camera for a moment at the three-second mark. It doesn’t last long, and she’s quickly back to focusing on the camera. Overall, James said Charlotte’s appearance in the video suggested “high levels of perceived control from the young princess.” 

Meanwhile, James noted how William couldn’t hide his pride for Charlotte. “William tries very hard to suppress the pride from his facial expression as his daughter delivers her own message to the Lionesses,” but he “fails badly.”

James looked to his “lip clamp and his rounded cheeks” as non-verbal indicators he enjoyed Charlotte’s message. 

Princess Charlotte video appearance dubbed an indicator of royal childhood with social media by a royal commentator 

Princess Charlotte, who appeared in a video wishing the Lionesses luck alongside Prince William, smiles and looks on wearing a striped dress
Princess Charlotte | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Following Charlotte and William’s video, royal commentator Daniela Elser called it an example of a “totally new sort of royal childhood.” 

Charlotte and her “brothers Prince George and Prince Louis won’t just be obligated to occasionally appear in public,” Elser wrote in the New Zealand Herald. They’ll also be “required to help churn out the social content needed to keep the monarchy afloat.” 

“Before now there was at least some sort of line between their private and public selves,” she added, saying in recent years the “line” has “quietly blurred.”

“Not only are George, Charlotte, and Louis already expected to take part in key ceremonial family moments, but on top of that, their childhoods are going to be intruded upon in an unprecedented way in the royal annals, all in the name of likes, retweets, and views,” she said.

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