Princess Charlotte’s Lionesses Video Marks a ‘Totally New Sort of Royal Childhood’ for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kids — Commentator


  • Princess Charlotte and Prince William wished England’s women’s soccer team, the Lionesses, good luck before the Euro 2022 final. 
  • A commentator says it’s evidence of a “quietly blurred” line between private and public for royal children.
  • It involves childhoods “intruded upon” in an “unprecedented way” for “likes, retweets and views.”

Princess Charlotte and Prince William’s Lionesses video is more than a sweet father-daughter moment. Aroyal commentator says the clip of the Duke of Cambridge and his 7-year-old daughter is something else entirely. Rather, a “blurring” of privacy between Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis’ private and public lives due to social media.

Princess Charlotte and Prince William cheered the Lionesses in a video ahead of the Euro 2022 final

Charlotte made an unexpected appearance in a Jul 31 video posted to William and Kate Middleton’s Twitter. The pair sat next to each other as they wished England good luck before the Women’s Euro 2022 Final.

“We both want to wish the lionesses the best of luck tonight, you’ve done amazingly well in the competition and we’re rooting for you all the way!’ Willam said. 

“Good luck! I hope you win. Bye!” Charlotte added with a wave.

“Good luck tonight @Lionesses, we’re all cheering for you!” read the post’s caption. Later, the Lionesses went on to win the match, beating Germany 2-1.

Commentator says Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids have to help keep the ‘pipeline’ of social media content flowing

Charlotte and William’s Lionesses video may seem innocent enough. However, according to commentator Daniela Elser, it’s evidence of a different kind of childhood for the 7-year-old and her brothers. 

Charlotte’s “staring down the barrel of a totally new sort of royal childhood,” Elser wrote in the New Zealand Herald. “One where she and brothers Prince George and Prince Louis won’t just be obligated to occasionally appear in public but will be required to help churn out the social content needed to keep the monarchy afloat.” 

“What sets the youngest Cambridges totally apart,” Elser explained, “is that they are now also required to help their parents keep the pipeline of photos and videos for social media purposes coming.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’ childhoods ‘intruded upon’ for social media

Prince George stands with Prince William and Princess Charlotte, who appeared in a Lionesses video on Twitter, while Kate Middleton and Prince Louis stand nearby
Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton, and Prince Louis | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Elser highlighted William and Charlotte’s Lionesses video as the latest example of the Cambridge kids boosting the royal “brand” online. It’s a sort of job they have, representing the royal family on social media, unlike previous royal children.

“Before now there was at least some sort of line between their private and public selves,” Elser wrote. Meanwhile, in recent years the “line” has “quietly blurred,” leading to videos and photos from family vacations and more. 

In addition to participating in “ceremonial family moments,” there’s the added element of social media. “Their childhoods are going to be intruded upon in an unprecedented way in the royal annals, all in the name of likes, retweets, and views,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kate and William continue to keep George, Charlotte, and Louis — mostly — out of the spotlight. They attended Platinum Jubilee weekend in June 2022, where they made their carriage debut at Trooping the Colour. Not to mention Louis went viral on social media multiple times during the festivities.

Although at least one commentator called seeing so much of the Cambridge kids a “one-off” because of the event’s historic nature. 

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