Most People Have No Idea Who Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice Are, Source Says

As the second son and third born child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Andrew should not hold such a prominent place on the global stage. However, even before his most recent scandal due to his friendship and ties with the late Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew seemed to relish the spotlight.

Born into privilege, the prince was given the name “playboy prince” in his early 20s. He often liked to shock his family, seriously dating an adult film star and cultivating his party image. When he married Sarah, Duchess of York, many assumed Prince Andrew would step out of the spotlight. However, the wildly popular couple and their varied scandals often overtook the newspaper headlines.

Now, their two grown daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have stepped into the spotlight to support their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but some people claim they have no idea who the princesses are.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have managed to escape their parents’ drama

Aside from rude comments about their fashion choices and what some claimed to be Princess Eugenie’s overly lavish 2018 wedding, the princess has managed to remain well-liked, avoiding the drama of their parents.

From money for access plots to cheating scandals, a divorce, and now with allegations of sex abuse, the Duke and Duchess of York have a lot to deal with. However, the princesses have remained close to their parents while building their own reputations.

Queen Elizabeth has been adamant that her granddaughters remain protected from their parents’ sordid trials, and the women have always remained close to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The British royal family could be phasing out the York family

Still, amid Megxit and Prince Andrew’s royal ousting, the royal family is desperate to remain timely and beloved, especially as Prince Charles comes to power in the coming years. For some time, the Prince of Wales has discussed a more pared-down royal family, and it appears that he might get his wish. The Talko reported,

Many royal family fans were surprised to learn that Harry and Meghan Markle were withdrawing from royal life. But the truth is that the number of active family members has been decreasing and that might not be a coincidence. Of course, this would increase the workload for those who remain but it would allow for less drama, less opportunity for scandals, and create a more streamlined monarchy.


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One expert claims people have no idea who Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are

In contrast to her sister’s lavish day, Princess Beatrice has been praised for her quaint wedding where she had a handful of guests and wore Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown. Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, an organization devoted to abolishing the monarch praised the royal wedding.

“They should all have their weddings regardless of their rank in the Royal Family privately funded,” he told Express. “We should not be spending any public money on someone’s wedding.”If they want to turn it into a public event than they should stump up the cost of the police, security and disruption.”

To add insult to injury Smith also remarked that spending so much of money on the princesses was incredulous since they were barely known.

“Certainly you can understand why someone would think it was okay with William, but I think with Beatrice and Eugenie most people do not know who they are and do not care,” he said.