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Members of the royal family are born into a system that understands the press corps. From a young age, they are taught how to behave, when to speak, and when not to speak. However, one royal rule dominates the interactions between the House of Windsor and the press. Princess Eugenie reveals the details.

Princess Eugenie admits the royal family can’t ‘overshare’

In an interview for the podcast Table Manners, Princess Eugenie stated that royal family members are taught from an early age not to “overshare.” She discussed this topic with hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware.

The daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson said: “The world doesn’t need to know everything about us. The way we’ve been brought up is to not, we don’t overshare.”

“My favorite kind of dinner or small talk moment is listening to [others],” Eugenie continued. “One mouth, two ears type of thing, ask questions.”

Princess Eugenie admitted she is like any other woman concerned about her appearance

During her interview for Table Manners, Eugenie discussed her ongoing struggle with weight. She felt it more acutely after giving birth, realizing that public perception places unrealistic expectations on women to return to their pre-baby bodies.

“On the post-baby body thing, I find it really hard to shake the baby weight,” Eugenie explains. “Society dictates that you have to shake your baby weight and all of that stuff.”

Eugenie also discussed royal family critics, particularly those who say unkind things regarding appearance. “I think that definitely has caused a couple of issues around my relationship with having to look a certain way,” she explained.

“Because it’s always like, ‘Oh, that’s not a nice outfit ‘ or ‘Oh, she looked terrible there.’ I guess everybody has that if you’re in the public eye.”

“I guess within our family, it happens at that perfect age where you’re, you know, 13 years old, and you’ve got that dorky bowl haircut, and you’re a bit chubby and, you know, all the boys are bullying you, and all that kind of stuff. But, it’s when you need reassurance that you’re going in the right direction, and you get the opposite,” Eugenie explained.

Today, Eugenie and her family avoid the spotlight as much as possible

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank are photographed in London in November 2023.
Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank are photographed in London in November 2023 | Dave Benett/Getty Images for The Anti Slavery Collective

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice Reportedly ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ of Prince Harry and Prince William Feud

Princess Eugenie, her husband Jack Brooksbank, and their children August and Ernest live in Portugal. The princess claims that moving to the country has benefited their family.

Eugenie and Jack moved to Portugal’s Algarve in 2022; they reside in a home at Comporta.

She cited increased privacy and the ability to walk about like every other young mother. “Portugal is the dream as I can go to the supermarket in my exercise gear and my hair piled on top of my head and not care, no one cares,” she said.

The family resides at Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace estate when they’re not in Portugal. The property was also once home to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.