Princess Love Isn’t Interested in Reconciling With Ray J; Says Ray J is Playing Games

Ray J’s divorce filing came as a surprise to Princess Love. Love says she and Ray J were actively working on their marriage and she has yet to speak to him regarding his decision to file. Regardless, she’s ready to move on and is not counting on the two reconciling yet again. She says she’s done playing games and is at peace no matter the outcome of their relationship.

Princess Love and Ray J
Princess Love and Ray J | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Princess Love dismisses her divorce petition; Ray J files for divorce

Love filed for divorce in May 2020 after months of separation from Ray J. The couple’s marriage began breaking down when Love accused Ray J of abandoning her while she was eight months pregnant in Las Vegas. 

She dismissed her divorce petition in July 2020 and a month later, the couple shot a series of black and white photos for Love’s birthday.

Princess Love and Ray J
Princess Love and Ray J | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

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“I wanted to fight for my marriage, I didn’t want to just give up that easily,” Love tells Claudia Jordan in a new interview. 

It appeared the couple were moving in the right direction but Ray J filed for divorce in September 2020, asking for joint custody of their two children.

YouTube vlogger Tasha K alleges that the move was strategic on Ray J’s part and that he coerced Love into dismissing her petition so that he could get his business affairs in order.

Ray J says he wants his family; Princess Love is not interested in reconciliation for the sake of their children

Love says she was blindsided by Ray J’s divorce filing, telling Jordan that she’d spoken to her husband just days earlier. Furthermore, she says she has not spoken to Ray J about the divorce because he won’t answer her calls or text messages.

Ray J admits to ET that he did not tell anyone about his decision to file for divorce. He says he filed because he believes Love can potentially have a happier life without him.

But in a recent interview with The Real, Ray says he wants things to work out, explaining he wants his family. When Jeannie Mai asks Ray J if he only wants his family but not the marriage, Ray J clarifies that he wants to stay married. Love doesn’t believe him.

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“I’m tired of going back and forth,” she says. “I don’t want to play games – I don’t want to play these divorce games – you’re not supposed to play with your marriage. When I filed, that’s what I felt and when I dismissed it, I wanted to make it work so now that you filed, it’s like I don’t know.”

Love says she and Ray J moved into a new home together after she dismissed her petition and promised to begin anew. This makes her more skeptical to want to give her marriage another shot.

She’s adamant that as of now, she’s ready to move on and does not feel they should remain married for the sake of their children.

The mother of two says as a hopeless romantic, there’s a level of affection missing in her marriage and she refuses to settle anymore.