Priyanka Got a FaceTime From Shea Couleé After Her ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Win: ‘Melanin Dynasty’

Priyanka is still basking in the glow of being the first-ever winner of the RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Canada’s Drag Race. She recently spoke about a very cool moment that she had with distinguished Drag Race alumna, Shea Couleé.

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Shea Couleé won ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ season 5

After the crown slipped out of her hands during RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9, Couleé’s finally got her win during All Stars 5 and it was long time coming. During season 9, she was the frontrunner of the competition and slayed almost every challenge during the competition. However, this all came to an end during the finale, courtesy of Sasha Velour’s petals.

In season 9, the show changed formats for the finale. There were lip-sync battles during the finale and these seemed to be of more importance than the queen’s track records to decide the winner. If this change did not happen, then Couleé would probably have been crowned the winner for season 9.

A few years later, she returned to the main stage to slay. Winning two challenges (in another new format) and delivering very memorable lip-syncs, it’s safe to say she dominated the competition once again and was well-deserving of the crown.

Priyanka is the groundbreaking winner of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ season 1

Priyanka may not have had the best track record out of the top 4 finalists on season 1, but she was arguably the most memorable and had immense star power. During the season, Priyanka won two main challenges and also placed high one time. She had two bottom two placements.

During the two times that she was in the bottom, she delivered two of the season’s best lip-syncs. The first performance was against Kiara for Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night,” and the second was against Ilona Verley for Allie X’s “Hello.” She may not have impressed as Miss Cleo for Snatch Game, but Priyanka was definitely one of the comedy queens for the season.

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imagine waking up on Friday morning and realizing that you’re Canada’s First Ever Drag Superstar.  APFIEHAOIEHFAOIEFHOIEH IM SO EXCITED!!!  This means the world and I can feel the entire world supporting me. The amount of messages, love, and ALL OF IT have been so overwhelming in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. I’m reading and seeing everything and you know how to make this girl feel like a SUPERSTAR! 3 years of drag and I’ve earned the most coveted crown ever.  This process takes an entire village, slapped with NDA’s to make this queens dreams come true! The looks were done by @matthewjewson @lucindamiu @kittenkaboodleto and my panic attacks(paper dress), all of my hair was from @crcwigs @wigzaddy @ritabagaz, my props and stoning by @katinka_kature @jscyyz, all my nails this season were from @pinkysnails and all the emotional support from @ponytailpatricia @wilmachecklear @tash_riot @baby_bel_bel @jadashadahudson and SO MANY MORE PEOPLE. big ups to my drag mama @XtacyLove for helping me design so many of my looks and being such a rock during this entire process. To the photographers who captures my looks for the season @shootblake, @_qweenton , @jamobest and @kristyboyce thank you!  To the producers for Canada’s Drag Race, thank you for making the most talked about show in 2020 and really treating us queens like the royalty we are. I am so honoured to be your winner.  You know what they say….the REAL RACE starts now and I’ll see everyone this month on tour! @worldofwonder and @vossevents presents @canadasdragrace LIVE at the Drive-In. Starting Sept 18th, The Top 3 and the other girls will see you in Calgary, Saskatoon, Montreal & Toronto! What a way to kick off this reign! It’s all hosted by the ONLY Queen of the North @Bhytes ;) I’m Queen of the North 2.0, or as Brooke likes to say the Empress because she doesn’t wanna pass the title on…  Oh Brooke ;) I can’t wait to tour with everyone! Hit up for tickets  #canadasdragrace #worldofwonder #crave #cravecanada #teampriyanka #rpdr #dragrace #prayforpriyanka #bbcthree #logotv

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Priyanka spoke recently about talking to Couleé post-win

In an interview with NOW magazine, Priyanka said she spoke with Couleé right after she found out that she won. Couleé tweeted about this year being the “Melanin Dynasty” with her win, Jaida Essence Hall’s win, and now, Priyanka’s win.

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Gurl. Shea Couleé FaceTimed me last night,” she said. “How’d she get my number? I was dead. I picked up the phone like ‘Hello?’ because it was a random number and she was like, ‘You did it, bitch!’ I just shared this moment with her. It’s so cool to have somebody you look up to just believe in you so much. What’s crazy is the confidence they have in me. They’re like, ‘You got it girl. Bye.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, I do?’

Canada’s Drag Race season 1 is streaming on Crave in Canada and WOW Presents Plus in the United States.