Priyanka Wins ‘Canada’s Drag Race’: What You Need to Know About the Series’ First Winner

After many weeks, the first Queen of the North has been crowned (well, if you’re not counting Brooke Lynn Hytes). The very first winner of the RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Canada’s Drag Race, has been coronated and it is no other than…what’s here name? Priyanka!

Priyanka | Bell Media/Crave

Priyanka was a fan-favorite with high highs and low lows

Though Priyanka may not have had the best track record as her fellow top 3 finalists, it was clear that she had the star power to be Canada’s next drag superstar. Before Canada’s Drag Race, Priyanka, whose real names is Mark “Suki” Suknanan, was a children’s host on Canadian television. Suki had only been doing drag for two years prior to being on the show, and before the show, had still been pulling duty on television and the drag circuit.

Throughout the season, Priyanka won two main challenges and placed high a third time. She had two bottom two placements. Both times she was in the bottom, she delivered some of the season’s best lip-syncs. The first performance was against Kiara when they performed to Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night.” The second time was against Ilona Verley, performing Allie X’s “Hello.” Though she didn’t turn in a good Snatch Game performance after failing to impress as Miss Cleo, Priyanka was one of the season’s top comedy queens, both in the competition and in general.

Rita Baga seemed poised to the frontrunner after winning third challenges, and Scarlett BoBo was heating up after never having a low placement and winning her first challenge. Still, Priyanka’s quirkiness, funniness, fierce performances pushed her to the top.

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Here’s what she says about her win

Priyanka’s win is notable and historic because she is the first person of Indian descent to win. With that, she is also the first Indo-Guyanese queen to win. For Priyanka, it was important to provide that representation and she is excited to join the lineage of quens of color who have won the show this year.

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“Growing up, there weren’t a lot of people like me on TV,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s kind of interesting now to be Canada’s first drag superstar, because now someone who looks like me can be like, “Oh, I guess I can do that too!” We’re normalizing people of color winning things. Shea Couleé. Jaida Essence Hall. That’s normal!

She also showcased her culture during her final runway look. “The $100,000 look,” she said to NOW magazine. “What a gorgeous finale eleganza extravaganza. I felt so beautiful. I knew that it was great, obviously. But I didn’t know know it was great until the judges were like, ‘Oh. So she is that b***h.” It’s that reassurance that you want. To be in this beautiful bridal lehenga and have the judges be like, ‘You look the most beautiful tonight.’ Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner. People keep saying that to me. I could use a piece of chicken. I’m hungry.”

Canada’s Drag Race has not been officially renewed for season 2, but all signs point to it returning next summer to crown a new drag superstar for Canada.