‘Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott Share 9 Most Common Renovation Mistakes They Keep Seeing

HGTV is one of the most popular television networks in existence right now. Viewers can’t get enough of their content, from renovation reality series to shows about homebuyers seeking new properties and home flippers making serious cash. One of the most beloved of these is Property Brothers, a show about twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott helping homeowners achieve their dream homes.

The Scott brothers accomplish this by helping home seekers pick a property that needs renovations and then helping them tackle the work. With Drew the real estate expert guiding the purchase process and Jonathan helping design the new plan, Property Brothers offers so much inspiration.

But some fans make mistakes when attempting to achieve Property Brothers-inspired upgrades at home. Here’s how they mess it up.

‘Property Brothers’ doesn’t always depict reality

The hit show Property Brothers is one of the few shows on HGTV where show participants can keep all the furniture and accessories free of charge. But this doesn’t mean the beloved series is free from deception. Though it looks like Drew and Jonathan Scott are in full control of home purchasing and renovation, this reality show benefits from selective editing.

For example, most homebuyers are already in the process of buying a home even when Drew is showing them a bunch of houses to possibly buy. And Jonathan doesn’t do much of the renovating himself; instead, he relies on local subcontractors to get the work done quickly.

Drew and Jonathan Scott see the same renovation mistakes

Drew and Jonathan Scott pose for a portrait session
Drew and Jonathan Scott | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

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The Scott twins have a magazine called Reveal, which offers fans handy tips for renovating. In a recent issue, they pinpointed 9 major mistakes people keep making with renovations, Apartment Therapy reported.

The first three they discussed are related. The Scott brothers insist homeowners should make a storage plan for all their items during the renovation. Next, they recommend spending a lot of time thinking about the layout of the new space, because it’s impossible to change later.

This includes installing adequate outlets (can you ever have too many?) and thinking about how the space will get used. Viewers with kids and pets should always use more durable materials for their renovations.

The ‘Property Brothers’ believe you should plan for the future

It may be more expensive to choose spray foam insulation at this moment. But long term, the energy savings could be significant, which negates the initial cost of installation. The same goes for other energy-efficient upgrades at home.

And while renovating, the Scott brothers say to look out for hazardous materials in older homes, including asbestos. Hiring professionals to deal with that type of removal is essential.

The final piece of advice Drew and Jonathan Scott offer in Reveal is to pay attention to both the outside and the inside. Like other HGTV hosts, they stress the importance of curb appeal and focusing time and attention on the outside of the home, too.