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TL; DR: 

  • Queen Elizabeth II toured the Chelsea Flower Show in a golf cart amid “episodic mobility problems.” 
  • Reactions were largely positive on the royal family’s Instagram with fans loving the “Queenmobile.” 
  • Previously, royal experts have said Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t want to look weak or frail. 
Queen Elizabeth II, who toured the Chelsea Flower Show in a golf cart, smiles wearing a pink blazer
Queen Elizabeth II | Paul Grover/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Visiting the Chelsea Flower Show is an annual event for Queen Elizabeth II and she’s changing things up. When she made an unannounced stop at the flower show on May 23 the 96-year-old didn’t explore it on foot. Rather, amid ongoing “episodic mobility issues,” she opted to get around on a golf cart. Fans reacted online with praise and kind words for the monarch and her “Queenmobile.” 

Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show in a chauffeured golf cart

Queen Elizabeth debuted a new mode of transportation. She arrived at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in a Land Rover, according to Newsweek, before taking a seat on a chauffeured golf court. From there she proceeded to tour the Chelsea Flower Show, making occasional stops to chat with guests or get a closer look at exhibits. 

Prior to Queen Elizabeth’s Chelsea Flower Show appearance Buckingham Palace didn’t make an announcement. Because of what the palace described as her “episodic mobility issues,” the typical protocol of announcing her schedule in advance is gone. Now decisions on Queen Elizabeth’s attendance at an event are made the day of based on how she’s feeling. 

Alongside Queen Elizabeth at the Chelsea Flower Show were a number of other royals. Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Edward, and his wife, Princess Sophie, were there. Also there for the London event were Princess Beatrice, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and Princess Michael of Kent.

Fans reacted with love for Queen Elizabeth II’s new mode of transportation

People were quick to share their thoughts on Queen Elizabeth’s new wheels after a video from the Chelsea Flower Show went live on the royal family’s official Instagram. Many took to the comments, saying how much they loved seeing her in a golf cart.

“Lovely to see Her Majesty again looking so happy on her buggy,” one person wrote alongside multiple heart emojis. Describing her as an “amazing woman” and “so inspiring,” another Instagram user praised Queen Elizabeth for “finding ways that work for her to continue her duties.” 

“Brilliant BRILLIANT idea for the buggy,” added another. Someone else called it an “easier and more practical way for her to cover more ground!!”

“How clever to have her save her energy in the open cart,” wrote another before adding, “We still all have the privilege of seeing her!” 

Additional comments included things such as “so much better than struggling to walk,” “there’s nothing wrong with some comfort,” and descriptions of the golf cart as “The Queenmobile.” 

Queen Elizabeth II, who toured the Chelsea Flower Show in a golf cart, tours the exhibits sitting in the backseat
Queen Elizabeth II | Paul Grover – Pool / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth Will Without a ‘Doubt’ Step Aside for Prince Charles if Her Health Becomes ‘Detrimental to the Monarchy’, Royal Biographer Says

Royal experts have previously said it seems as if Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t want to show weakness

On the Mail Plus series, Palace Confidential, various royal experts discussed Queen Elizabeth’s health. Particularly her use of a walking stick in public and the possibility of her not wanting to show “weakness” in public.

“I have to say, personally, I think it’s incredibly unlikely we will ever see her in some kind of a wheelchair,” journalist Rebecca English said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but the queen is a woman of her generation. She’s very proud. She’s never really liked to make concessions to her age, although she is doing that now, reluctantly, by using a walking stick.”

Meanwhile, author and historian Tessa Dunlop noted the “stiff upper lip” policy common among many in Queen Elizabeth’s generation who don’t like to “own or flaunt your weaknesses.”

The next major event for the monarch is actually a series. Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee culminates the first weekend of June 2022 with festivities spanning four days. Because of her health and “mobility issues,” she may not attend the jubilee celebrations.