Queen Elizabeth’s New Royal Gin is the Perfect Addition to Her Favorite Cocktail

Queen Elizabeth is an impressive woman, by any stretch of the imagination. The monarch has ruled her country for decades, raised four children, and continues to handle her royal duties even though she is in her nineties. She owes part of her longevity to her tenacity, but the queen is also notorious for her healthy lifestyle. Queen Elizabeth rarely indulges — but when she does, she indulges in style, with a delicious cocktail that is the perfect way to wind down from a difficult day. Recently, the queen surprised fans by releasing her own line of gin, designed to perfectly complement her favorite beverage.

Queen Elizabeth II smiling looking away from the camera
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 6: Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives before the Opening of the Flanders’ Fields Memorial Garden at Wellington Barracks on November 6, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Stefan Wermuth – WPA Pool /Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth follows a strict diet

Queen Elizabeth hasn’t reached the age of ninety-four strictly by accident. The monarch remains as sharp and focused as she did in her forties, and is a lifelong devotee of a proper diet and regular exercise. The queen is said to follow the same routine, day after day, which helps to keep most of her day free for her royal duties. When it comes to her diet, the queen eats primarily lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and the occasional carb, like potatoes.

Queen Elizabeth dislikes onions and garlic, and rarely eats pasta. The queen also follows healthy eating habits, such as eating many small meals instead of a few large ones, and she always makes sure to eat small, balanced portions. She enjoys exercise, and always takes time to wander around the palace grounds, enjoying the garden and greenery. The monarch is also a lover of horses, and still takes horseback rides when she can. 

What is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cocktail?

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Queen Elizabeth might live a structured life, but it isn’t free of fun. She is reportedly a diehard chocolate fan, and will occasionally treat herself to a chocolate biscuit or a slice of cake on special occasions. The queen also loves a good cocktail from time to time. According to Tasting Table, she has a favorite drink, the classic Dubonnet cocktail. It’s a fresh, flavorful drink that is made with a Parisian fortified wine known as Dubonnet Rouge, dry gin, and a lemon slice. For royal fans who wish to assemble the drink at home, just combine two parts Dubonnet Rouge, one part dry gin, and the lemon slice in a cocktail shaker. Shake a few times and then strain into a glass to enjoy the queen’s favorite drink.

The queen launched an exclusive royal gin

It is possible that the queen decided the standard dry gin wasn’t cutting it for her anymore. In any case, she recently launched an exclusive gin, made with botanicals that are grown right in the palace gardens, according to Tatler. The expensive beverage will be sold in Royal Collection gift shops in London and features twelve distinct botanicals, including mulberry leaves and lemon verbena. There’s no word on whether it will replace the queen’s gin of choice, Gordon’s, but it certainly seems likely that she will be using the new gin to make delicious Dubonnet cocktails.

There are a variety of other tasty gin-based drinks that were invented in London, that will provide the perfect accompaniment for the palace’s expensive gin. From the classic gin and tonic to more fruity drinks, like the grapefruit and thyme gin, there is a world of possibilities for the queen (and anyone else who enjoys a stiff drink) to explore. Stateside fans might not get to enjoy the drinks with the palace’s gin, but it could eventually become available for royal fans around the world.