‘Queen of the South’ Season 5 Episode 5: Teresa Makes it Official Overseas, Boaz Loses His Temper

Finally, Queen of the South spun the show back to one of its original season 5 problems: Kostya. Though viewers have yet to see him make his grand entrance on the TV show, his name still rings bells.

Following the drama with Lafayette, Marcel, Boaz, and Captain Gamble, Teresa turns her attention back to her operation. And things get sticky.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 5]

'Queen of the South Season' 5 Episode 5 with Pote, James, and Kelly Anne
‘Queen of the South Season’ 5 Episode 5 with Hemky Madera as Pote, Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken | USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Oksana ropes Teresa into her problem

Boaz sends duffel bags of cash to Teresa to be deposited. The bank won’t take any dirty money, but Kelly Anne forgot to tell Teresa about that. Now, they have a cash problem.

Oksana calls from New Orleans to request a meeting. Teresa learns she was duped by a German antiques dealer named Durant with a fake painting. Oksana gave him surplus Molly that Kostya intended to give to another buyer, and she secretly sold it behind his back. She has to clean up the mess in three days or Kostya will kill her.

Teresa wants to cover Oksana by saying she bought the Molly for double. Oksana calls Kostya but he says it’s already sold. Teresa and Pote sidebar, and she wants to go to Berlin to recover the drugs. It’s a trip.

King George pops up on Boaz in Miami. He’s cheerful and says he’s in town for a pit stop, and Boaz is suspicious. They rap about Lafayette and Teresa. Boaz says he misses Javier, but Teresa is the boss.

In Berlin, Teresa, James, and Pote must figure out how to steal a piece of art to meet with the dealer.

King George snoops around Boaz’s place and gets caught. He pretends he’s looking for coke, and Boaz lets him inhale his stash. Boaz is still suspicious. Teresa calls George for an update and he’s high. He even bought her a yacht online. The question remains: Is Boaz loyal?

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Everyone is suspicious

In Berlin, Kelly Anne distracts the hotel manager so Teresa’s team can pull off an art heist. It works. James drops a painting off to her via motorcycle and they reach out to Oksana’s fence. He inspects the piece and says he’ll speak with Mr. Durant. He won’t be rushed.

Later, Oksana expresses her admiration for Teresa. Kelly Anne tells Pote she’s worried Teresa thinks she’s slacking because of the pregnancy. He comforts her before James interrupts. Durant is ready to meet with Teresa and Oksana. They go to the meeting point and the men must wait outside.

James and Pote share a cigarette and talk about the future. Inside, Durant makes small talk before locking the door and placing a gun on the table. He knows who Teresa is and wants to know why they really showed up.  

Teresa says she wants to buy the Molly and he gets bold. Teresa hits him, takes the gun, and demands the drugs. It was already sold to another smuggler who Durant has to call. He warns Teresa and Oksana the guy is crazy.

George is passed out at Boaz’s house and wakes up when he hears the phone. Boaz is on a call receiving intel. Apparently, he learns Teresa is skipping over Miami with her shipments. He tells his cousin that George may look dumb, but to keep an eye on him.

Blood spills and Teresa expands the business

Smuggler Hakim finally shows up to meet Teresa and Oksana. He too knows Teresa’s reputation and demands triple the price. Teresa wants to walk away but Oksana pulls a gun on Hakim, and says she’s not leaving without the Molly. A shootout ensues. Only Oksana, Teresa and her team survive.

At their hotel, Oksana supposedly squares things away with Kostya. But Teresa arranged for her to meet Oleg too. Though he’s reluctant at first, he agrees to do business with Oksana. Now she has her own thing apart from Kostya.

In the morning, Teresa signs paperwork to buy the hotel. She’s officially making moves in Europe.

Back in Miami, Boaz leads George to a room covered in plastic. The dealer he met with days ago is in there, bloodied. Boaz gives a speech about the guy’s ulterior motives and betrayal and shoots him in front of George. Message received.