Is ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Star Anya Taylor-Joy Vegan?

The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy has dazzled in the Netflix drama series, and now she’s getting candid about her personal life. Taylor-Joy is revealing how she really feels about being a movie star while divulging her diet and her absolute favorite food.

Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

This is what Anya Taylor-Joy did before ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

While we know her as Beth in The Queen’s Gambit, Taylor-Joy has had many memorable roles prior. Though she began her career as a model, the Miami-born actor’s first Hollywood job was in 2014’s Vampire Academy. However, her scene was cut before the movie debuted.

She went on to star in The Witch, Morgan, the Barack Obama biopic BarryNew Mutants, and Split. She has also been seen in Peaky Blinders and The Miniaturist.

However, the actor still doesn’t think she’s beautiful enough for the movies, “I have never, and I don’t think I will ever think of myself as beautiful,” Taylor-Joy told The Sun. “I don’t think I’m beautiful enough to be in films. It sounds pathetic and my boyfriend warns me people will think I’m an absolute d*** for saying these things, but I just think I’m weird-looking.”

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Anya Taylor-Joy is worth $3 million

Though The Queen’s Gambit has thrust her onto the global stage, Taylor-Joy’s extensive work in the entertainment industry has afforded her a massive net worth. She has worked diligently since 2014, and the new Netflix series means things are only going to get more intense for her.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor is worth $3 million. However, this was her net worth well before The Queen’s Gambit. With the show under her belt, she should be able to garner even more when it comes to her deals in Hollywood.

Anya Taylor-Joy is vegan, sometimes

As Taylor-Joy has become a household name, so has an interest in her beauty habits and diet. Though the 24-year-old actor has been vegetarian for many years, she is vegan when she can.

“I’ve been a vegetarian for a very long time, since I was about 10,” she told Just Jared. “I don’t think there is a problem with eating cheese or eggs or anything like that. It’s the mass production of it and it’s the fact that there are very few laws that cater to animal cruelty.” However, it can be challenging to keep a vegan diet with such a busy lifestyle. She told Harper’s Baazaar,

I don’t touch meat or fish. I was vegan for a long time I got into it because it’s the most ecologically conscious choice you can make as a consumer. When I was a vegan it was the healthiest I’ve ever felt, because I had so much energy. I was eating a tonne because I have a really big appetite and was getting in more greens. As a vegetarian I love a lot of Italian food – but I don’t get that many greens in there.