‘Queer Eye’s’ Antoni Porowski Divulges on Relationships He Felt the ‘Most Comfortable’ With His Body Image

Antoni Porowski is a multi-talented influencer, with experience as a chef, television personality, and model. Porowski is best known for his role in the Netflix series Queer Eye as the food, wine, and entertaining expert. Porowski has made it a habit to be open and transparent with his fans, and regularly speaks out on the importance of inclusion, and the unique way that he lives his life in the spotlight as someone who is “fluid” about his gender preferences. Recently, in advance of his upcoming new show, Porowski opened up about his dating history, revealing the relationships where he felt the most comfortable. 

Antoni Porowski smiling at the camera in front of a sparkling background
Antoni Porowski | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

How did Antoni Porowski become famous?

Antoni Porowski was born in Canada in 1984. He grew up in an educated family and was raised to speak several languages, including Polish, French, and English, according to Article Bio. Porowski moved to New York City after graduating from college and began exploring his interests in both theatre and the culinary arts. He began his career as an actor, auditioning for roles in both television and films.

Porowski’s early movie appearances included parts in films such as Daddy’s Boy, The Pretenders, and Elliot Loves. Although Porowski was getting steady work, he didn’t enjoy the type of success that he had hoped immediately, and he supplemented his income by working as a personal chef, waiter, and busboy. In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 that Porowski landed the big break that he had hoped for — as the resident food and wine expert in the Netflix show Queer Eye

Why do fans love Antoni Porowski?

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Antoni Porowski was a natural fit into the optimistic, cheerful world of Queer Eye. Along with his cohorts, Porowski works with guests who are experiencing some sort of trauma or stress in their lives, helping them find ways to not only cope, but thrive. From aiding guests in creating happier, more balanced spaces at home to ways to prioritize self-care and advance their careers, the “Fab Five” have become beloved the world over.

Porowski, in particular, has become a fan-favorite. His obvious love for his work, as well as his natural affinity for all things food and drink have helped him to become a pop-culture sensation. Queer Eye has helped to advance Porowski’s culinary career, as well — in early 2018, he released his very first cookbook, and only a few months later, he opened his own restaurant, The Village Den

Antoni Porowski opened up about body image and dating

Antoni Porowski has always been open about the fact that he doesn’t confine himself to any one particular definition of sexuality and thinks of himself as fluid. His latest project, therefore, is very personal to him. Porowski will soon appear in his very own Netflix romantic comedy, Girls & Boys, which will focus on a character who dates people of both genders. Few other details about the project have been released, so it’s not yet known the name of the character that Porowski will play, or when the exact release date is.

Recently, Porowski opened up to Them about his upcoming film and the way that he was able to connect to the story. Speaking of his dating history, Porowski revealed that “I’ve had more lasting relationships with women than I’ve had with men. I’ve had two real relationships with men and actually dated a guy, and then I went back to girls for several years.” In a previous interview, the star talked about the biggest difference in the way that his relationships with men and women progressed: “I think part of me, if I’m fully honest, always knew that I was interested in guys. But at the same time, I had relationships with women where I was really happy.” Porowski also stated that, in general, he was always more comfortable with his body image in relationships with women because there wasn’t a constant sense of comparison.

With charm and honesty to spare, Antoni Porowski clearly has a bright future ahead of him in Hollywood.