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No one can say that Rachael Ray doesn’t put her all into her work and her products. The Food Network star is a roll-up-her-sleeves kind of person, giving one hundred percent to her cookbooks, her popular cooking shows, and her daytime show.

Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray | Raymond Hall/GC Images

She also applies that dedication to her line of dog and cat food, which she has said she doesn’t mind sampling from time to time.

Ray and her husband recently donated millions for the care of pets and their humans

Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, as the culinary star’s fans all know, are dedicated to the welfare of animals everywhere. They have their own sweet pit bull, Isaboo, which they have spoiled with enormous love and luxuries.

The couple is just as distressed about pets’ needs during the current pandemic and economic downturn, since animal shelters are hurting as well at this time. With that in mind, Ray decided to donate $4 million to help food banks for humans and shelters for animals.

“We felt it was important to help offset the decline in donations organizations have experienced, from a combination of the cancellation of fundraising events and reduced private donations,” the Rachael Ray star said on her website.

The couple’s $2 million animal welfare donations were made to the North Shore Animal League, Best Friends Animal Society, Austin Pets Alive, Big Dog Ranch, San Antonio Pets Alive and Lost Our Home Rescue.

Why Rachael Ray launched Nutrish

Nutrish is the New York native’s line of domestic pet food, with something for puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats, all created and developed by Ray herself.

In 2016, the 51-year-old explained to People her motivation behind creating the food for fur babies everywhere.

“I was inspired to start Nutrish with the folks at Ainsworth Pet Nutrish because I have always cooked for both my dogs Boo, and now Isaboo, and I wanted to create a line of food for cats and dogs that took as much care as I do in feeding them something as delicious as it is good for them.”

“My Isaboo, our red nose pit bull, is a family member and we care as much about her food and quality of life as any other of our human family members.”

She made clear that her pet foods contain what she would be willing to feed her own pets, with only clearly understood and known ingredients.

“It is important to me that consumers are able to read all the ingredients on the label of Nutrish as if it were a human menu,” she said. “I would never make a dish with ingredients I wouldn’t eat myself, so I won’t do that for our pets.”

Rachael Ray likes the taste of her pet foods

Ray doesn’t mind admitting that she tastes her pet foods. They’re made with wholesome, real ingredients, after all.

“I have eaten [it] — literally eaten, on camera,” Ray said on her show, “just to prove to people the quality. You can read our food like a menu,” she continues.

“We have food for dogs that have allergies, food for elderly dogs, food for every type of diet there is — in both cat and dog food.”

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