Rachael Ray’s Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole Has Its Lovers — and Absolute Haters

Food Network star Rachael Ray‘s Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole recipe is everything comfort food lovers want: creamy cheesiness, satisfying saltiness, and more. While the dish has its share of supporters, many reviewers on Food Network’s site wouldn’t mind seeing this macaroni and cheese recipe go to the dogs.

Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole recipe creator Rachael Ray leans against a counter filled with ingredients and cooking gear.
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Rachael Ray’s Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole elevates the classic dish

Basic macaroni and cheese is good enough on its own, but Rachael Ray’s recipe tastes like a day at the ballpark. It calls for elbow macaroni, extra-virgin olive oil, chopped beef or pork hot dogs, butter, chopped onion, all-purpose flour, beer, milk, spicy mustard, ketchup, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

On an episode of 30-Minute Meals, Ray says this is the perfect recipe “for nights you’re going to sit in front of the tube and watch a big game!”

First, you brown the onions, and cook them with flour “for a good minute or so” to make a roux. Then, add the beer, ketchup, and mustard. (“How cool is this sauce?” she says. “… It’s going to taste like a cheese dog with the works.”) Ray notes that if you don’t have beer on hand or simply don’t want to use it, you can use what you have, such as chicken broth.

Mix in the shredded cheese, along with the browned hot dog chunks and cooked elbow macaroni. Transfer to a casserole, top with more cheese, and put it under a broiler just for two minutes.

Get the complete recipe on Food Network’s site.

Some reviewers weren’t having the mac and cheese recipe

Some people who made Rachael Ray’s recipe were less than impressed.

“Not only is this recipe unoriginal and unhealthy, it is just disgusting,” one reviewer wrote on Food Network’s site. “The mixture of the ketchup and mustard makes it taste even more processed. Please do not feed this slop to your growing children.”

Another home cook agreed. They wrote: “I was going to make it for a family potluck, and thank God I did a trial run. I would be so embarrassed if I had served this to anyone! I phoned my husband and told him to bring home a pizza because this dish was completely inedible. don’t mean to be harsh but it was absolutely disgusting. cant imagine anyone liking it.”

Many other reviewers expressed their disappointment with the recipe. But, as is the case with just about anything, others loved it.

Another delicious recipe featuring hot dogs from Rachael Ray

Quite a few home cooks loved Rachael Ray’s recipe

“I could not believe the beer in this recipe. Made it with fear in my heart. It was terrific!” a happy fan of the dish wrote.

Another person said: “I thought my kids would like this and it was a ‘hit’ with our family as well as my son’s friends who were here for dinner. They LOVED it! I grilled the hot dogs instead of browning in the skillet, added great flavor. I also adjusted for the mustard and ketchup, adding more.”

Great music, art, and food are all in the eye of the beholder. And if you like a fun spin on a traditional mac and cheese recipe, then Rachael Ray’s Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole might be right up your alley.

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