Rachel Reilly’s Advice If You Want to Be a Reality TV Star

Rachel Reilly is a reality TV superstar. She has been on many reality TV shows, including The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Celebrity Fear Factor. Being on television turned out to be a great thing for Reilly. She met her husband, Brendon Villegas, on Big Brother Season 12. As of this writing, they have two children together.

Reilly recently chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet to discuss her latest project. She’s set to star in her own reality TV show, titled I Love the Brenchels—Moving On, which will air on bspoketv.com. (Brenchel is a combination of Brendon and Rachel.)

Where should you start if you want to be a reality star like Reilly? Here’s the expert advice she shared with us.

Rachel Reilly’s new show ‘I Love the Brenchels—Moving On’

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly with their children | Kendall Halliburton
Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly with their children | Kendall Halliburton

During I Love the Brenchels—Moving On, the cameras will follow Reilly and Villegas as they cross the country with their family. Reilly told Showbiz Cheat Sheet her latest show is not about being on TV. She wants to help improve the lives of others through service projects.

“I want to make sure to tell stories and make a sustainable impact in each city we visit,” says Reilly. “So, we will be working with various service organizations with our reality friends that are important to them and the communities they live in and are a part of. This isn’t a show about us. It’s about the communities we visit.”

Bspoketv CEO Michael Dutcher says he’s thrilled to welcome Reilly to the network.

“The bspoketv/Rachel Reilly show creation agreement is a true partnership,” says Dutcher. “It allows Rachel to control her Intellectual Property (IP) while creating more shows for her current and new fans to enjoy. I am very proud of the bspoketv team for their innovative deal-making and invite other celebrities and creatives to come to bspoketv to make their ideas a reality.”

Rachel Reilly’s advice to aspiring reality TV stars

Rachel Reilly | Photo by Brendon Villegas
Rachel Reilly | Photo by Brendon Villegas

We asked Reilly to give some advice to those who desire to be on a reality TV show. What should you know before taking the plunge and signing on for a reality show? Reilly gave some excellent advice for those brave enough to live their lives before the camera. 

“I would say do your research if you want to be on a reality show,” Reilly told us. “Know what you’re applying for and go for it with your whole heart. Being behind the camera, casting, and on camera, I feel that I have learned so many things about unscripted TV.”

Reilly says another important thing is to understand beforehand exactly what you want from the reality TV experience. “I think it’s vital to know what kind of show you want to be on and why you want to be on that show,” says Reilly. “If you know you want to win money on Big Brother because you are a huge fan, let casting know! If you’re going to win love and are looking for a partner, find the best option for a good love connection!”

The Big Brother star also advises potential reality stars not to hide who they really are. “I think the only thing I would let someone know before jumping in is to be themselves,” advises Reilly. “The most crucial part of unscripted is to be yourself. If you aren’t genuine, casting and the audience can tell.”

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