Rachel Reilly Says Cody Calafiore ‘Acted Differently Toward Me’ on ‘The Traitors’

Some reality TV cast members of The Traitors already knew each other. But that didn’t always lead to an immediate alliance. Rachel Reilly revealed how Cody Calafiore changed around her.

Rachel Reilly calls out Cody Calafiore on ‘The Traitors’

The first episode showed The Traitors cast seeing each other for the first time. Rachel and Cody knew each other because they both were alums of Big Brother.

It was possible that they could be allies until the traitors were picked. Cody became a traitor, and Rachel was a faithful. She claimed that she knew right away.

“Cody and I, we were both on Big Brother,” Reilly said in her confessional. “Not only that, Cody and I know each other outside of this game. Like, I’ve drank with Cody. I know his family. So I can already tell that Cody is a traitor. It’s very obvious to me. Hey, Cody! I see you.”

But was Rachel serious about her suspicions? Or was it a joke for the camera?

Rachel says Cody changed after becoming a traitor on ‘The Traitors’

Rachel claims she really did suspect Cody of being a traitor. She claimed he acted differently after the traitors were picked.

“I was never really comfortable with Cody,” she told Us Weekly. “And I think one of the earliest gives for me that Cody was acting different around me. And I think that that was one of the biggest things where I was just like, ‘OK, he’s a traitor.’ You can read people’s vibes, you know?”

She then explained how Cody started the game. “I felt like as soon as I walked into the castle and Cody was like, ‘Oh, hey, Rach.’ Like, all cool and calm,” Rachel revealed. “And then we got picked for traitors, and he started acting differently. Cody is this guy – he’s charismatic, he’s super charming. You talk to Cody for five minutes, and you are like, ‘Oh, I love this guy. Let’s go have some beers.’ In real life, he’s just a guy that you want to be friends with.” 

“In the beginning of the show, he was so excited I was there,” she continued. “And then after traitors stuff happened, he started acting so differently. Especially, I felt like he acted differently toward me. And that, to me, was just he either doesn’t like me or he has to be a traitor because this is not how he normally acts.”

Cody doesn’t believe Rachel knew he was a traitor

Cody Calafiore poses with Rachel Reilly on the red carpet of 'The Traitors'.
Cody Calafiore and Rachel Reilly of ‘The Traitors’ | Joy Malone/Getty Images

Cody isn’t buying that Rachel figured it out that quickly. He reacted to the premiere episode on The Winner’s Circle and talked about Rachel’s scene accusing him.

“I’m like watching this, and I see her say, ‘Oh, I think Cody’s a traitor,’” he said. “And I’m like, ‘Yo, I feel like Rachel is just saying like throwing everything at the wall in the diary room just to see can I get a sound bite? Like she knows. She knows how to make TV.”

He admitted he wasn’t happy to see Rachel, or thought they could work together because she’s competitive. So it looks like Rachel and Cody look back on their experience differently.