Rainn Wilson Would Never Say 1 ‘The Office’ Dwight Quote Because He’s a Vegan

The Office is one of the most popular shows to have ever aired. The series, filmed in a mockumentary format, aired for nine seasons and featured many hilarious characters. One such character was Dwight Schrute, whose unlikeable personality endeared him to fans of the show. Dwight was known to have amazing one-liners and punchlines. However, the actor who played him would never say one of Dwight’s quotes from The Office because he’s vegan.

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Rainn Wilson’s ‘The Office’ character was hilariously insufferable

Dwight is a competent salesperson at one of Dunder Mifflin’s branches. He was an Assistant to the Regional Manager but always referred to himself as Assistant Regional Manager, trying to elevate himself to a second in a command position.

Dwight respects his boss Michael Scott and often thinks of Scott as his hero. In the episode where he leaves the company briefly, it is revealed that Dwight often arranged the toys in Michael’s office in a way that always pleased his boss, who wasn’t aware of the gesture.

Dwight relishes any minor task Michael assigns him and thrives on the prospect of having authority over his coworkers. While Dwight has proven he can handle crises very well, he is gullible and ignorant with some naivety that often leaves him at the mercy of his coworkers, who delight in tricking him.

The character is also known for his regular formal wear consisting of a brown suit jacket and a mustard-colored short-sleeved shirt. Dwight likes bragging about his life’s accomplishments (some questionable), including claiming to have absorbed his twin in the womb, performing his own circumcision, and taking care of his siblings.

However, the character is efficient in paintball, and survivalism and has an affinity for ping pong, karate, and weapons. He is also a notary public and a volunteer sheriff deputy. He stepped down from his role as the latter when he helped Michael illegally ace a drug test by giving him his urine.

Rainn Wilson would never utter this Dwight quote

Dwight has several quotes that make his character more entertaining. However, the character and his portrayer are different in real life. In The Office, Dwight loves indulging in meat and dairy products. He also lives with his family on a farm, ensuring the character doesn’t miss out on his meat fix.

However, the actor who plays the character is a vegan, and as an animal lover, he would never say one iconic Dwight line. In season 3, episode 4, titled “Grief Counselling,” Dwight proclaims his love for meat by saying, “I’m sorry! I grew up on a farm! We killed a pig whenever we wanted bacon!”

Rainn Wilson appeared on Conan in 2017 and shared the reason he went vegan. He told host Conan O’Brien that he had a revelation one day while having some bacon and looking at his beloved rescue pigs. Then, he realized he didn’t want to continue that lifestyle and decided to shift to veganism.

The actor, who calls himself “The Fifty-Year-Old Vegan,” told his millions of followers on Instagram that since he became a vegan, he noticed he had more energy and was sleeping better.

Rainn Wilson disputes this iconic Dwight line

One of Dwight’s legendary lines just so happens to be a Mandela Effect. Many people have approached Wilson to ask him to repeat his character’s iconic “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica” line. But as it turns out, Dwight never uttered those three famous words.

The actor shared that his co-star John Krasinski’s character, Jim Halpert, was the one who said those words while impersonating Dwight. The actor said he doesn’t like correcting people and goes along with it but wanted to clarify it to his fans.

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