Who Is Rami Malek’s Twin Brother?

If you ever thought you were seeing double as actor Rami Malek strolled the red carpet at a gala event, you weren’t the first person to do so. Rami Malek was welcomed to the world by Egyptian immigrant parents in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance on May 12, 1981. He did not arrive alone.

Four minutes after making his debut, Rami’s happy parents, Said and Nelly Abdel-Malek, welcomed the future actor’s identical twin, Sami, into the world. The Mr. Robot star’s has an identical twin brother often accompanies him to premieres, award ceremonies, and other public appearances.

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Early beginnings

Sami and his slightly older twin brother, Rami, along with an elder sister, Jasmine, grew up in a stable, Coptic Orthodox home where Egyptian music always played, Arabic was always spoken, and academic excellence was expected. The Malek kids were well-schooled in their roots and often participated in middle-of-the-night phone calls with relatives in Samalut, Egypt, explains Eighties Kids. Rami spoke nothing but Arabic until his parents enrolled him in public school when he was four years old.

Who is Rami Malek’s twin brother and what do his siblings do?

Equally handsome as his four-minutes-older brother, Sami Malek opted for an academic path in lieu of an illustrious Hollywood career. After a stint at UCLA where he double-majored in American Literature & Culture and African-American Studies, the younger Malek achieved a Master of Arts in Secondary English Education from Loyola Marymount University.

Born in 1978, the only sister of the Malek twins currently works as an emergency room doctor at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington D.C. Jasmine Malek, M.D. referred to her brothers as ‘hilarious and outgoing’ in her profile at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

A classic twin switcheroo

During a 2015 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Malek the actor shared a fun fact about his relatively unknown twin brother. The anecdote involved a classic twin switcheroo wherein Rami pretended to be Sami and actually pulled it off, revealed Lad Bible.

The incident occurred when Sami was a student at UCLA. Sami needed more points to pass a class, and reciting a monologue from a Greek tragedy was the way to do it. Unfortunately, Sami wasn’t up to the task. Fortunately, Rami was. As he explained to Kimmel:

“I deliver this monologue in front of the entire lecture hall and I get a few bits of applause, people dig it. And I think she [the professor] starts looking at me kind of accusatory, like, ‘Where the hell did you come up with that?'”

Rami-as-Sami’s answer was a simple, “Er, it’s just a hobby.” Sami passed the class. Today, Malek is employed as an English teacher at the STEM Academy of Hollywood.

Will Rami and Sami have twins?

At the time of this writing, Rami and Sami Malek are unmarried without kids. If and when either does start a family, are they likely to father twins? Although one might think so, the answer is no. According to Scientific American, twinning is influenced by the mother, not the father.

By the way, Sami has no Hollywood aspirations, but you can probably expect to see him alongside with his twin brother at glamorous events in the future.

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