Ranking Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Against ‘Evermore’ Song by Song

In 2020, Taylor Swift released two of her most acclaimed albums, Folklore and Evermore. The two albums are considered to be companion albums, with Evermore expanding on the themes and musical styles Swift explored with folklore.

While Folklore is often regarded as the more popular album and the better album due to its Album of the Year win at the 2021 Grammy Awards, Evermore is beloved by fans of Swift and received acclaim from critics as well. Here’s a track-by-track ranking of each song from Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore.

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Track 1: ‘The 1’ versus ‘Willow’

While “Willow” is the lead single from Evermore and the album’s opener, it does not have the emotional impact of “The 1” on Folklore.

Winner: “The 1”

Track 2: ‘Cardigan’ versus ‘Champagne Problems’

Having to pick between these two songs is just cruel. With “Cardigan” as a lead single, Swift shaped the Folklore era, but “Champagne Problems” is one of her saddest yet most singable songs.

If this ranking were by bridge alone, “Champagne Problems” would win, but for the overall song, we have to give this round to “Cardigan.”

Winner: “Cardigan”

Track 3: ‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ versus ‘Gold Rush’

Listen, “Gold Rush” is a beautiful song. Beautiful. Could listen to it on repeat for days. But the storytelling in “The Last Great American Dynasty” is unbeatable.

Winner: “The Last Great American Dynasty”

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Track 4: ‘Exile (feat. Bon Iver)’ versus ”Tis the D*** Season’

Apologies to “‘Tis the D*** Season,” but “Exile (feat. Bon Iver)’ is the clear winner when comparing these two songs.

Winner: “Exile (feat. Bon Iver)”

Track 5: ‘My Tears Ricochet’ versus ‘Tolerate It’

We have no choice but to cherish the coveted fifth track on a Taylor Swift album. Both “My Tears Ricochet” and “Tolerate It” are the saddest and strongest songs on Folklore and Evermore, respectively. That makes this round a tie.

Winner: “My Tears Ricochet” and “Tolerate It”

Track 6: ‘Mirrorball’ versus ‘No Body, No Crime (feat. Haim)’

Going from “Tolerate It” to “No Body, No Crime (feat. Haim)” gives major whiplash, but it’s a much-needed palate cleanser and is so fun to listen to.

Winner: “No Body, No Crime (feat. Haim)”

Track 7: ‘Seven’ versus ‘Happiness’

While “Happiness” is somber and mature, there is just something timeless about “Seven” from Folklore.

Winner: “Seven”

Track 8: ‘August’ versus ‘Dorothea’

No song from Folklore or Evermore has had the impact that “August” received. If fans were to pick a song to be a single, it would probably be “August.”

Winner: “August”

Track 9: ‘This Is Me Trying’ versus ‘Coney Island (feat. the National)’

This is another tough one. While it is close, “This Is Me Trying” feels slightly more impactful.

Winner: “This Is Me Trying”

Track 10: ‘Illicit Affairs’ versus ‘Ivy’

Hands down, “Ivy.” This song is the “August” of evermore and deserves more love.

Winner: “Ivy”

Track 11: ‘Invisible String’ versus ‘Cowboy Like Me’

If this ranking was done in 2020, “Invisible String” probably would have won. However, “Cowboy Like Me” has a way of growing on you with each listen.

Winner: “Cowboy Like Me”

Track 12: ‘Mad Woman’ versus ‘Long Story Short’

Because “Long Story Short” is one of the weaker songs on Evermore, “Mad Woman” from Folklore wins this round.

Winner: “Mad Woman”

Track 13: ‘Epiphany’ versus ‘Marjorie’

The song “Marjorie” has been out since December 2020, and we are still crying over it. It’s one of those songs that is almost too sad to listen to, but that hasn’t stopped anyone.

Winner: “Marjorie”

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Track 14: ‘Betty’ versus ‘Closure’

This ranking will be controversial because “Betty” is so loved by Swift’s fans, but “Closure” wins this one. Sorry.

Winner: “Closure”

Track 15: ‘Peace’ versus ‘Evermore (feat. Bon Iver)’

“Exile (feat. Bon Iver)” proved to be one of Swift’s best collaborations of all time, but “Evermore (feat. Bon Iver)” falls short of that greatness.

Winner: “Peace”

Track 16: ‘Hoax’ versus ‘Right Where You Left Me’

While “Hoax” is a masterpiece, Evermore could be crowned as Swift’s best album simply because of “Right Where You Left Me.”

Winner: “Right Where You Left Me”

Track 17: ‘The Lakes’ versus ‘It’s Time to Go’

“It’s Time to Go” has the disadvantage of following “Right Where You Left Me,” and “The Lakes” concludes Folklore so effortlessly.

Winner: “The Lakes”

With Folklore earning 11 wins over seven wins for Evermore, it turns out Folklore is the slightly better album after all.

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