Ranking the Top 5 MCU Villains By Entertainment Value: Who Is the Most Fun to Watch?

Over the last several years, many villains have come to challenge the Avengers — from those who appear in standalone installments to those mighty enough to threaten multiple avengers simultaneously. And though many formidable foes have made their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some are more entertaining than others. 

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

Some adversaries boast an inspiring degree of sass and style or an uncontested level of cleverness and wit. In short, some are more fun to watch than others. This list will aim to highlight the five most entertaining villains. They may not boast the greatest narrative orcs or the most three-dimensionality — but they are intoxicating. 

5. Thanos 

Thanos challenges the Avengers in two installments: Infinity War and Endgame, and though he is a bit dry, his stoic disposition works to augment his dastardly inclinations. He sees himself as a savior, despite his desire to slay and destroy. Thanos’ appeal is in Josh Brolin’s ability to create the character’s villainous nature while leaving a strand of humanity subsisting beneath the surface. And this strand of humanity best presents itself in the warped version of love he supposedly possesses for Gamora. Yet, he’s simply not as fun as other villains in the landscape.

4. Ultron 

Avengers: Age of Ultron may not be the best avengers mash-up, narratively speaking. However, Ultron’s sense of omniscience and an unwavering tendency toward superiority makes for a juicy viewing experience. He always feels in control. He never feels threatened. He is two steps ahead of the Avengers for much of the film, and he lets them know it, as he coyly tells Tony Stark, “You’ll catch on,” in the most condescending of ways. 

3. Vulture  

Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes was a gift to viewers. His take on Vulture is convincing and, despite the character’s exaggerated, beyond-human personality, he never feels like a caricature. He always feels like a man pushed to the brink, whose power and influence make him capable of anything. He commands each scene he enters and is intimidating at every turn. 

2. Hela 

What beats Cate Blanchett sashaying around as she slays all those who dare to stand in her way… with a headpiece so large she towers over those who threaten her? Hela is simply unbothered and unphased — she will kill anyone without blinking an eye, and she will do it with ease — keeping her energy expenditure to a minimum. This evil goddess is in control, and she has the cocksure attitude to go along with her power. 

1. Loki 

Loki is so good at being bad that we love him. He’s clever and funny; he’s smart and conniving. One step ahead of those in the room, he is called the God of Mischief for a reason…and he never lets fans forget it. And, if that wasn’t enough, his unpredictable nature makes him the most captivating of all the bad guys. Will he help or hinder the heroes this time around? Will he attack or run? Will he steal or reconsider?