‘Ransom Canyon’: This New Netflix Show Is a Cross Between ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Yellowstone’

Netflix’s Virgin River and Paramount’s Yellowstone are some of the biggest series on television. Virgin River is a romantic drama, while Yellowstone is a western. However, both series have managed to enrapture audiences.

Now, Netflix is developing a brand new drama series that is set to be a cross between both highly popular shows.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan proposing to Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe in 'Virgin River'
Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan and Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

‘Virgin River’ is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix

When Virgin River premiered on Netflix in 2019, no one could have imagined that it would be such a massive success. “Virgin River did better than we could have imagined, and it’s continuing to grow this audience…the only way I really experience “success” is, all of a sudden, more press and more people recognize me,” Alexandra Breckenridge, who stars in Virgin River told New Beauty. “I haven’t quite adjusted to that yet.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, between July 18-24, Virgin River led Nielsen’s streaming rankings chart with  2.64 billion minutes of viewing time. “That’s the best single week for the series in the two years of Nielsen’s streaming chart; its previous high was 2.11 billion minutes a week after season three premiered last year,” they reported.

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‘Ramson Canyon’ is a cross between ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Yellowstone’

Now, Netflix is set to introduce a brand new series. Based on the best-selling western romance books by Jodi Thomas, Ramson Canyon is said to be a remix of Virgin River and Yellowstone.

“It’s a contemporary Western romance show, just looking for more in this comfort romance space,” Netflix’s Head of Drama Jinny Howe told Deadline. “It’s a multi-generational family show set on a ranch, and we say it’s Virgin River meets Yellowstone. We think that it’s going to deliver on all the romance and again it will be a really beautiful vista and setting, very escapist. It is in development in early stages, but we’re very excited about it; it feels very promising.”

While Ramson Canyon is still in the early stages of development, we know we will get Virgin River Season 5 in 2023.

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 is currently filming

Filming for Virgin River Season 5 is currently underway in Vancouver. Like season 4, the forthcoming season will have 12 episodes instead of the traditional 10. “I think it’s bigger and better than any of the seasons we’ve done yet,” Ben Hollingsworth, who portrays Brady, told TV Line. “We’re doing some really ambitious stuff that you’ve never seen on Virgin River before. There’s a really big episode for Brady that’s gonna be a lot of fun for me to play. I imagine there’s gonna be some friction between Mike and Brady as it seems like Brie and Mike have become closer and closer. I would expect there’s gonna be some sort of reconciliation possibly between Jack and Brady now that he’s exonerated, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

Howe also spoke about the longevity of Virgin River.

“We see with Season 4 that the fandom is very strong and growing in many places as well,” she told Deadline. “It feels like, based on what we’re seeing with Season 4 and the anticipation for Season 5, that there is a lot more storytelling to offer us. It will be exciting to see which characters continue to break out and audiences crave more of; we’re paying very close attention, understanding that this is a really rich universe of characters and that people can’t seem to get enough, myself included. So I think as long as that continues to be the case — which we’re very hopeful for — you can rest assured that there will be more Virgin River.”

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