Rapper Cordae Still Mows the Lawn and Sleeps on the Couch When He Visits His Mom: ‘I’m the Man of the House’

Rapper Cordae has been producing songs for several years. He used to be a part of the 16-member group YBN. Fans of his work no doubt hope to see more from him soon. 

Cordae has been dating tennis player Naomi Osaka for the past couple of years. The two recently sat down for an interview where they discussed their lives. He revealed he sleeps on the couch and stays busy whenever he visits his mother. 

Cordae’s career and successes so far

Naomi Osaka and YBN Cordae attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Washington Wizards at Staples Center on December 1, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.
Naomi Osaka and YBN Cordae | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

After college, Cordae decided to pursue a rap career after moving to Los Angeles. He had created a couple of mixtapes as a teenager and went by the alias “Entendre.” However, he saw writing rap only as a hobby. Not until 2018 did the rapper begin to take a career in music seriously. 

He became a YBN collective member and spent time with fellow artists YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. He took on the name “YBN Cordae” during his time in the group. He collaborated with YBN Nahmir on the track “Pain Away.” 

In 2018, Cordae released his first single, a remix of Eminem’s “My Name Is.” One of the rapper’s most popular songs is “Old N*****,” and the single was a response to J. Cole’s “1985.” In 2018, he also produced the album The Lost Boy

Throughout his music career, Cordae has had several accomplishments. He was the second YBN rapper on the 2019 XXL Freshman Class list. And he received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album in 2020. 

Cordae stays grounded by doing chores

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Despite all the fame and wealth, some celebrities still show humility. For example, actor Keanu Reeves understands what’s necessary for a happy life. Instead of stressing about building his bank account, he prefers to enjoy life and help those he can. Cordae stays similarly grounded.

His mother plays an important part in his life. According to GQ, he and other family members are proud of him and tend to brag. Cordae mentioned that she helps him stay grounded when he visits. The rapper often helps around the house, and he joked about finally hiring a housekeeper. 

“Every time I come home, I sleep on the couch at my mom’s house. And I still got to do my chores around the house — mow the lawn, etc. I’m the man of the house,” Cordae explained. 

When it comes to money, he revealed he doesn’t spend much. He doesn’t own jewelry and often counts his blessings. However, he enjoys paying for some conveniences. 

He views himself as the man of the house

Cordae listened to the hip-hop music his father would play and became interested in it as a child. Because his mother was a single parent, his father wasn’t a constant part of the rapper’s life. He explained his dad was in and out of prison. Plus, the two lived in different states. 

Still, Cordae considers his father a good person and prefers not to be angry at him now that the artist is older. Because he primarily lived with his mother and other female family members, he considered himself the man of the house. He helped take care of the place at a young age. 

“For sure. I’ve been the man of the house since I was 4 years old. I’ve never said this before, but my nickname growing up was ‘Man,'” he said. 

Cordae is now producing his second album. So far, he hasn’t revealed details about when he will release it.