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Salt-N-Pepa’s Lifetime biopic has been under much scrutiny. The group’s DJ is blasting her former bandmates for leaving her contributions out of the film. Another person who may not be happy about his portrayal is Pepa’s ex-husband, Treach.

Treach and Pepa
Treach and Pepa | Mario Ruiz/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

The two divorced in 2001 after Pepa allegedly suffered years of physical abuse. Treach denies such but it didn’t stop Pepa from their relationship turmoil in the film.

Pepa details alleged abuse from Treach

Rumors about Pepa and Treach’s tumultuous relationship ran rampant for years but Peps did not address them until her 2008 memoir Let’s Talk About Pep. In the book, Pepa detailed the abuse she says she experienced at the hands of her ex-husband throughout their nearly 10-year relationship.

The New York Daily News reports on an incident that left Pepa with an eye patch. Pepa writes:

I had the hot iron in my hand and he had a handful of my hair. He grabbed the hand with the iron in it and was pushing [it] toward my face. He ended up pressing that hot iron against my other arm. I heard my flesh sizzling, and the smell was sickening. I started screaming from the pain. He dropped the iron and I turned to run, and his nail swiped across my eyeball and shredded my cornea.”

Pepa on Treach’s alleged abuse in Let’s Talk About Pep
Source: YouTube

In one of the most violent abusive episodes she tells in the book, Pepa explained the moment Treach asked her for a divorce.

“He grabbed my ring…and threw it at me with all his might…it hit me right in the middle of my forehead,” she wrote. “He picked me up by my throat, choking me and he slammed me into the footboard.” 

Treach denies all abuse allegations 

The alleged abuse was painful but Pepa told ESSENCE in 2009 that she held no malice toward her ex. She thanked him for playing a part in raising her son from a previous relationship and for being a good father to their daughter. 

But Treach was not happy about the book, calling Pepa’s allegations of abuse flat out lies. In a 2014 interview with Vlad TV, he alleges Pepa’s book publishing company “juiced up the stories” about their relationship issues.

“You never want to hear any news that’s going to put you in a bad spotlight or make demonize you,” he said. “We all have fought our demons or done things that we aren’t proud of in life and relationships…but when certain things are taken and you’re just being attacked, and when certain things have no merit, it’s disappointing.” 

Treach’s alleged abuse was documented in Salt-N-Pepa’s Lifetime biopic

In the group’s Lifetime biopic that aired on Jan. 23, Treach is depicted as a jealous, controlling, alcoholic and abusive partner. Throughout the film, Pepa’s bandmate and some friends warn her of his alleged anger and abuse but she’s convinced he loves him.

Source: YouTube

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Despite such, Pepa told The New York Post that she struggled to include the alleged abuse in the film. “In the movie, I didn’t just want to focus on the negative things between us. I wanted to be fair to [Treach] and show that despite the bad, he was a good guy, too,” she said as reported by Hot New Hip Hop.

Things between Treach and Pepa appear to be amicable nowadays. She attended his 2019 wedding and they appear together on the We TV reality series Growing Up Hip Hop.