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If it’s one celebrity relationship that fans never know the status of, it’s Ray J and Princess Love. The two have had more break-ups and make-ups than one can count, with multiple divorcing filings within the past two years. Lately, they’ve been spending more time together, seemingly reconciling. But per court documents, the divorce is still on.

Princess Love and Ray J attend the 2022 BET Awards; Ray's divorce filing is still active
Princess Love and Ray J | Momodu Mansaray/WireImage

Both filed divorce documents on separate occasions 

Love and Ray’s relationship has been rocky from the start, with Ray’s cheating plaguing their union even before marriage. Their relationship has also had volatile moments, with Love even being arrested for assault while on a trip together in New Orleans.

Love was the first to file for divorce in May 2020 before taking the divorce off the table just two months later as they worked things out. The couple moved to Miami for a fresh start and appeared to be doing well. But Ray surprised everyone when he filed that Fall.

Months later, the two confirmed they were working things out for the sake of their family, but he filed again a few months later. Love said she had no idea he was going to do so and she learned of the filing on social media.

Their divorce is still active despite recently being spotted together 

The pair recently stepped out together to attend the 2022 BET Awards. Love donned a Black gown with a train while Ray wore black sunglasses, a white blazer, and pants. They posed for photos and supported Ray’s sister Brandy’s performance. The two have also been sharing family moments on social media as of late. Despite such, Radar Online reports that Ray’s divorce petition remains active.

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Princess Love Is Not Open To Counseling With Ray J

According to the report, Love was the last to make a move in the case in April when she handed over her finances to Ray. She also responded to his petition. Ray is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Melody and son Epik. He notes there is a prenup that was signed before their 2016 nuptials and wants the court to terminate Love’s right to spousal support.

Regarding finances, Ray wants all earnings from before the marriage, during the marriage, and after the split to be awarded to him. Love agrees with the custody request but wants spousal support and asks the court to award her monthly checks.

Princess Love previously said she was open to reconciling

Love has been vocal about there always being hope on her end to make her marriage work and keep their children together. She told TMZ in March 2022: “I mean you never know, the door is always open,” she said. “You know, we love each other but when you stop trying, then you have to do what you have to do.” Still, she admitted she wasn’t counting on it. “I don’t know what I want,” she added.

They appeared on VH1’s Couples Retreat to try and salvage whatever was left but bickered the majority of the show. When asked by life coach AJ Johnson if he wanted to stay married, Ray never gave an answer.