Real-Life Rancher Travis Fimmel Rides Horses and Drinks Bud Light at the VFW

Fans might know laid-back Australian actor Travis Fimmel best for playing fighting farmer Ragnar Lothbrok on History’s Vikings series. But some might not know about his real-life love for horses. While he once curiously said all women hate him, he counted his faithful horse among his most prized possessions. So, there’s no way all women could really hate him!

Keep reading to find out more about Fimmel’s history of horseback riding.

Travis Fimmel smiles in a plaid shirt, in front of a white background
Travis Fimmel | Mike Pont/WireImage

Travis Fimmel knows ‘roping and everything’

According to stunt coordinator Walter Scott, Fimmel showed up at his ranch in 2010 to get riding lessons. “Just ask me about when I first met him,” Scott said to Outside in 2016. He said the Vikings actor fibbed about his knowledge of the animals.

Scott revealed, “He says he knew about horses — everything he learned right here, on that horse. Roping and everything.” For the curious, a video on YouTube shows Fimmel’s cowboy skills. And Scott was referring to a horse named Wanker — Fimmel’s learning partner and beloved companion.

The barefoot equestrian and his steed, Wanker

Travis Fimmel looking to the side and smiling
Travis Fimmel | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Writer Grayson Schaffer noted their chat for Outside was conducted at Fimmel’s “minimalist broasis” where the actor and Wanker live. Fimmel was “barefoot in a pair of camo cargo shorts and a surf tee” — and also horseback — when he approached the writer.

During the interview, Fimmel told Schaffer he counted Wanker as one of his most valued possessions. But he still let the writer take him for a ride, which seems like a very nice gesture.

“I’m just getting him warmed up so he doesn’t buck you off,” Fimmel said. He later even helped the writer into the saddle. When it was time to move on, Schaffer noted, “We put the horses up, Fimmel hosed Wanker down, and we went for a Bud Light at the VFW.” 

For those who don’t know, VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars and refers to posts in communities where members can go to enjoy adult beverages. Schaffer noted, “If any of the vets and bikers recognized him, they didn’t show it.”

Travis Fimmel grew up in Australia and wants to get back

Fimmel said in various interviews that he’s not crazy about fame. His life goal is to move back to Australia. In the meantime, he’d like to have a kangaroo.

While he joked to Outside he’d live “with three or four wives” if he could, it didn’t sound like he was having much romantic luck with women. He admitted, “They all hate me, although it’s not for lack of trying.”

It sounds like the problem was related to his schedule. “When you do a lot of traveling, it’s hard,” he noted. Maybe that’s another reason Fimmel doesn’t seem interested in staying in the profession. 

A Calvin Klein modeling campaign gave him his Hollywood break, but he’s since tried to put that behind him. He’s told multiple outlets the modeling job only served to get him a work visa to come to the U.S. But he eventually hopes to make it back to Australia. He once told GQ of acting, “I hopefully won’t be doing it for too much longer. I just want to make a bit of money and get home.”

But it sounds like he’s pretty comfortable living on a ranch with Wanker and drinking at the local VFW for now.

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