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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for less than a year, but that doesn’t stop some people from saying negative things about the couple. And one thing nobody wants to hear? Meghan and Harry might (eventually) be headed for divorce. But who can possibly predict that? Well, a psychic — whose client list included Princess Diana — seems to think the couple won’t last.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Meghan and Harry had a blissful wedding last May

Anyone who tuned in to watch Harry and Meghan’s May 2018 nuptials knows how beautiful their royal wedding was. Meghan stunned in a Givenchy dress, and with her mother by her side, the American woman married her British husband. Meghan and Harry only began dating in 2016, but the couple fell hard for one another, and Harry proposed in 2017. Since royals tend to have very short engagements, it wasn’t long before the couple got married. And only two months after that, Meghan was already pregnant. Their relationship may have been a whirlwind, but it doesn’t seem to have affected their love for one another.

The couple’s relationship has been criticized by some

Although there are plenty of people who love the relationship between Harry and Meghan, not everyone believes the couple’s relationship is as perfect as it seems. There have been several theories about why Meghan and Harry married that have nothing to do with love. Some think the couple may have married so quickly because Harry wanted to marry while his grandparents were still alive. Others think the couple wanted kids so badly that they sped the whole relationship up. An even more interesting theory is that Meghan only married Harry because she wanted to be an American in the royal family. While it’s likely none of these are true, people can’t help but wonder.

One psychic says she the couple’s marriage will end in divorce

A psychic and close personal friend to Princess Diana had something to say about Meghan and Harry’s marriage: It won’t last. “I give their marriage two and a half to three years,” said psychic Simone Simmons, who knew Diana well and claims she still communicates with the princess. “I don’t want to see him badly hurt, and Harry won’t know what’s hit him when it does happen,” Simmons said, according to U.K.’s The Daily Star. She says Meghan’s family drama will ultimately be the cause for the divorce. Simone was also correct when she said she suspected the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already pregnant — before the Palace announced it.

Harry and Meghan appear to be going strong despite any drama

Although not everyone believes the couple’s sincere about their love for one another, and there have been reports of things not going smoothly between Meghan and other members of the royal family, Meghan and Harry still appear to be going strong. Meghan recently slipped away to New York City for a few days to have a baby shower for the couple’s newest addition, which should arrive in late April. Harry and Meghan do seem like a good fit for each other despite a quick romance, but we’ll have to check back in another two years.

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