The Reason So Many NFL Fans Are Rooting Against Patrick Mahomes Has Nothing to Do With the Quarterback

On a cold Sunday night in January, the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills played one of the most thrilling playoff games in NFL history. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen went back-and-forth for more than 64 minutes trying to lead their teams to victory. But only one team could win and in the end, the Chiefs prevailed in overtime.

As Kansas City moves on to its fourth AFC championship game in as many years, fans are sounding off about cheering against Mahomes and company. But their reasons have nothing to do with any of the Chiefs players. A number of fans took to social media and proclaimed that the signal caller’s fiancée, Brittany Matthews, and brother, Jackson Mahomes, are the reasons they’re rooting for the team to lose. Here’s more on that and the hilarious memes circulating of Patrick Mahomes’ next opponent.

Patrick Mahomes greeting Brittany Matthews prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens
Patrick Mahomes greeting Brittany Matthews prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Brittany Matthews’ champagne celebration draws ire from some

Matthews, who has been dating the NFL star since high school, is a fixture at Chiefs games and regularly post images and videos of her celebrating her fiancé’s big wins. But her champagne celebration following the game against the Bills rubbed many people the wrong way.

A video showing Matthews dousing champagne onto fans seated below her garnered plenty of responses via social media. Some said they didn’t see anything wrong with it. However, others pointed out several reasons they didn’t think it was OK including children being sprayed and adults not wanting to be drenched in alcohol.

As one fan put it: “I understand wanting to celebrate the win. But THIS is completely disrespectful to the fans who may not drink, have small children there, are former alcoholics. I know it might be a hard ask, but please try to have a little bit of class during the next game. This is so trashy.”

A second chimed in with similar thoughts sarcastically commenting: “I’m sure everybody wanted champagne sprayed all over them in the freezing cold weather, including kids and people struggling with alcohol addiction and now sober. Sure hope she paid for everyone’s winter coats to be dry cleaned.”

A third tweeted: “Most fans who pour alcohol on people are ejected from the stadium. Also spraying people below you from your luxury box makes it look like your [sic] taunting the peasants.”

Another agreed, adding: “Very thought conscious of the queen to spray the peasants in freezing cold weather with liquid & without their consent. Always great to thank loyal fans by getting them sick, especially right before the AFC Championship game next week at home.”

A fifth person wrote: “[Matthews] knew better not to spray her friends inside the warm expensive suite … with their fine clothes on. So instead she sprayed the fans below who’d been out in the cold for four hours. It just looks bad … and she’s clueless.”

Another person’s tweet directed at Matthews read: “Incredibly disrespectful to the people under you — spray it inside the area you are sitting in or on yourself!!!…how about post your fiancé after he wins a game instead of yourself in designer whatever … don’t be a distraction for his next big game … reign it in!!!”

Many aren’t happy with Jackson Mahomes’ Tik Tok dances and other antics

Patrick’s younger brother poured liquid on the crowd below him in the past as well. But unlike Matthews, it wasn’t champagne and he wasn’t celebrating when he did it. After a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in September, Jackson was seen on video tossing water onto fans who were heckling him. He responded to the clip tweeting: “They were thirsty.”

Following the incident, the Maryland Stadium Authority, which operates M&T Bank Stadium, announced that it would review the footage to determine what occurred and forward its findings to the Baltimore Police Department to consider possible criminal charges.

Even before that though several fans have been vocal about not caring for Jackson or his TikTok dances. One of those Tik Tok posts even landed him in hot water earlier this year when he danced on the memorial of Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed during a break-in at his home in 2007. Jackson has since apologized.

When the backlash they received turned pretty vicious, Matthews clapped back. And on Jan. 25, she tweeted: “Hate is a very strong word to just be thrown at someone you don’t even know.” Her future brother-in-law retweeted that post.

Internet annoints Bengals as America’s team, calls Joe Burrow the ‘only hope’

Because of how annoyed a number of fans are with Matthews and Jackson, they are rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals to upset the Chiefs and are resting their hope on that team’s quarterback.

Social media has been lighting up with plenty of creative memes of Joe Burrow. One image of the athlete giving the thumbs up reads: “When the NFL world had no hope left, only one man stood in the way of Jackson Mahomes making another TikTok at the Super Bowl.”

Another fan posted a video of the Cincy signal-caller smoking a cigar and wrote: “Our only hope against Brittany Matthews & Jackson Mahomes” with a praying hands emoji.

TotalProSports got in on the fun too posting a pic of Burrow on game day and writing: “The only man that can save us from having to watch Jackson Mahomes twerk at Super Bowl 56.”

And another person declared: “If America isn’t pulling for the Bengals next week I have no faith in humanity”

The Bengals take on the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Jan. 30.

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