‘Reba’: 1 Main Cast Member Left In Season 5 Due to a Dangerous Eating Disorder

Some people may remember a tv show from the early 2000s titled Reba. The series is a comedy that portrays a single-parent household in the suburbs.

While Reba did not air as long as other shows on the network, it was favorable among audiences. Stories about celebrities fighting eating disorders are not uncommon.

Many of them have come forward about their experiences. Scarlett Pomers dealt with anorexia while filming Reba, but she has since recovered. 

‘Reba’ is a sitcom about a single mother

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire | Emma Mcintyre/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM

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Reba is an American sitcom that first aired in 2001 on The WB and The CW. It ran for six seasons before getting canceled in 2007. The show stars Reba McEntire as the lead character, and other cast members include Steve Howey and Joanna Garcia. 

The series takes place in Houston, Texas, and it centers on a young mother named Reba Nell Hart. Her ex-husband is a dentist who left her for his assistant. Reba has to take care of three children plus her eldest daughter’s boyfriend, who moved in. 

One of her children is a teenager named Kyra Hart. Kyra is a rebellious girl who is sarcastic at times, like her mother. Despite her behavior, she is the most intelligent and emotionally stable member of the family. The character likes to get on her older sister’s nerves but is kind to her half-brother and niece. 

The show became a hit on The CW, which shocked even the cast when the news of the cancellation broke out. In an interview, McEntire mentioned that she would love to do a reboot. Reba fans will have to wait to see if their favorite characters will make a return. 

Scarlett Pomers began acting as a child

Pomers is a former American actress who was born on November 28, 1988. According to Star Trek, she began her career as a child actor. The actress mentioned in an interview that she has been an outgoing person throughout her life. Part of the reason is that she was with a bunch of adults on set and had to be friendly with them. 

Ever since Pomers was young, she has appeared in music videos and numerous commercials. One of her most notable roles was Naomi Wildman in Star Trek: Voyager. Fans may also recognize her from the comedy show Reba. The former actress starred as one of McEntire’s TV children, Kyra. 

In 2014, Pomers decided to step away from acting. Since then, the former star has been focusing on her music and photography talents. Not to mention, she also has done work designing jewelry for her online store, The Mermaid’s Lure. 

Scarlet Pomers battled anorexia while filming ‘Reba’

Anorexia and other eating disorders are struggles that many people face. Both men and women can develop an eating disorder for various reasons. The issue is more common among celebrities than people may believe. In general, the media values thin Hollywood stars, which sets unrealistic standards. 

Those who watched Reba may have noticed that Pomers did not appear for most of the fifth season. According to Fame10, the reason for her absence is that she was battling anorexia. Her co-stars became concerned when the actress showed up for filming.  

A couple of common signs of anorexia are eating avoidance and an increase in exercising. Pomers had displayed these warning signs. As a result, she ended up weighing 73 pounds. The severity of her condition caused her to leave the show to receive treatment. 

Pomers returned to the set of the series once she improved. By the time she left acting in 2014, she was in a healthier state.