Rebel Wilson Celebrates Pride Month With New Girlfriend, Ramona Agruma

Famous actor and comedian Rebel Wilson announced to her fans that she has a new girlfriend named Ramona Agruma. She starred in multiple big hit films, including Bridesmaids and the Pitch Perfect franchise. Wilson is giving her fans another reason to celebrate Pride Month as a part of the LGBTQ community.

Rebel Wilson previously dated Jacob Busch

Rebel Wilson, who just revealed her new girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, wearing a suit with her arms raised up in front of a step and repeat.
Rebel Wilson | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Wilson previously dated Jacob Busch in 2020, who’s 11 years older than her. They made a few public appearances over the course of their 6-month relationship. Busch is an heir to a massive name in the beer world called the Anheuser-Busch company. However, he’s a brewery owner himself with Son’s Beer.

PEOPLE initially reported that the reason why Wilson and Busch broke up wasn’t entirely clear. However, they noted that they simply weren’t a good match for a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, Busch still wrote birthday wishes for the actor after the breakup. Nevertheless, Wilson officially moved on to find her girlfriend, Agruma.

Wilson had other dating rumors circulating, including with Australian tennis player Matt Reid. However, they weren’t as public as her relationship with Busch.

Rebel Wilson announces new girlfriend, Ramona Agruma

Wilson took to her official Instagram page to announce the exciting news that she has a new girlfriend. The timing for the big reveal couldn’t be more perfect other than taking place during Pride Month. Wilson and her girlfriend have big smiles in their picture and are both wearing black.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince … but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess.”

She also added the hashtag #loveislove. Wilson’s fans are commenting on the post, celebrating her girlfriend and their happiness together. They are particularly gushing about how happy they both look in the picture, calling her a “Happy Pride ICON.”

Who is Ramona Agruma?

Unlike Wilson, Agruma doesn’t work as an actor. However, she has her own creative chops. She’s a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Agruma is the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, which is a sustainable clothing company. Additionally, she’s a brand ambassador for Bee Goddess Jewellery.

Wilson previously talked about her girlfriend to PEOPLE, but didn’t specify who it was.

“We spoke on the phone for weeks before meeting,” Wilson said. “And that was a really good way to get to know each other. It was a bit old-school in that sense — very romantic. I think going through the process of finding more self-worth, I think that what you want in a partner is elevated, and so it’s great to have someone who feels like an equal partner and be in a healthy relationship.”

Wilson continued: “There were times – I’m not saying with all my exes, they’re great – but there were some times that I was probably putting up with that I shouldn’t have. So it feels different to be in a really healthy relationship.”

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