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The Netflix calendar for  Fall 2021 is abuzz with new movies and shows. As the streamer ventures heavily into original content, the new movie Red Notice is currently the topic of much chatter in Hollywood. The recent trailer of the movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds has already hit 2.3 million views (and counting) within days of its release. The trailer of the movie has further contributed to the growing anticipation of the action-comedy.

Gal Gadot standing in a black jacket, smiling at the camera at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
(Photo by David Gal Gadot | Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

What is ‘Red Notice’ about?

The movie revolves around an FBI profiler John Hartley, played by Dwayne Johnson, who is on the hunt for an international art thief, played by Gal Gadot. The elusive criminal and one of the world’s most wanted art thieves, Gadot, however, evades Johnson’s Hartley every time. 

Meanwhile, Johnson enlists another criminal with a red notice, Interpol’s request to law enforcement across the world to arrest an international fugitive, played by Ryan Reynolds, to catch Gadot. Reynolds is a con man and also Gadot’s rival. 

As he joins the chase, the duo gets into action mode thinking that they will catch Gadot soon but, from the looks of the trailer, Reynolds and Johnson, as collectively charming and funny as they might be, are outsmarted by Gadot several times.

Gal Gadot emerges victorious in the trailer

The trailer opens with Johnson’s monologue as he claims to be the only one with the ability to bring in the world’s most wanted criminals the likes of Gadot and Reynolds. As he apprehends the cheeky conman played by Reynolds, he is then assured of catching Gadot.

But, contrary to their expectations, their encounter with Gadot does not go as Johnson imagined. In a room alight with chandeliers and surrounded by what looks like precious art and antique pieces, Johnson and Reynolds, both in a tux, meet with Gadot in a red gown. 

Johnson, being straightforward announces his intention to arrest Gadot while Reynolds says he is there for the egg, signaling at a gold, expensive-looking egg. 

In no mood for drama, Gadot says,” You want to arrest me. Arrest me,” as she prepares to fight the two men. Reynolds moves forward to get his hands on the egg but Gadot easily knocks him down. And before you know it, in a swift set of combative moves Gadot defeats Reynolds and Johnson. 

The trailer promises the best of action and comedy

The movie, with its lead cast renowned for its action movie roles, is obviously laid with stunt sequences that are both crafty in their technique and dramatic in their appeal. At the end of the trailer, a missile blows up a bridge Johnson is trying to cross, giving it a grand Fast and Furious look that Johnson is known for and his fans love.

Gadot, going up against the duo, brings her skills as Superwoman and an evil-ish charm that the audiences might not have seen before. On the other hand, Reynolds’ sense of humor sprinkled throughout the trailer depicts him in his oft-seen cynic avatar. 

Set in the world of priceless arts and art thieves, the glorious aesthetics of the movie add to its glamor. Will all these elements will come together to make the movie a success? We’ll find that out when the movie comes out on Nov. 12 on Netflix.


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