Ree Drummond: ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Shares a Sunset Selfie With Dog Slobber on Her Coat

Ree Drummond is the star of The Pioneer Woman who fans adore and have been following for many years. The celebrity cook has a special connection with her loyal fans and often shares moments of her life on social media. Drummond recently shared a video with a beautiful sunset backdrop that was stunning. However, many Instagram users might not have noted one thing that she ended up pointing out in the caption.

Ree Drummond in a cooking deme on the 'Today' show kitchen set
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans react to Ree Drummond’s adorable video

Drummond is the star of Food Network and fans love everything that she does. The Pioneer Woman founder is very active on social media and her Instagram account often has beautiful images of the places she travels to. Drummond couldn’t resist but to share a spectacular video of a sunset with herself in the foreground. In the clip, Drummond is seen playing with her red hair that glows with the sunlight. However, many fans didn’t notice something icky that was in the video and Drummond pointed it out in her caption.

“This would have been some impressive sunset selfie cinematography if not for the dog slobber on my coat. I always kind of just miss the mark somehow…,” Drummond captioned.

Furthermore, fans didn’t last long before reacting to the post leaving comments about the incident with her dog.

“But really, what is a beautiful sunset without dog saliva? I’m thinking you should run with this and snowball it into some new clothing designs,” a fan said.

“Nope- you’re authentic and that is your charm and why you’re loved,” a follower replied.

“Pretty sure the dog slobber makes the look, Ree,” an Instagram user noted.

“Slobber and all… you always look amazing,” another fan commented.

“Dog lovers love our dog slobber,” another follower mentioned.

“I wouldn’t have noticed… I was looking at your gorgeous hair. You’re so authentic, and we love it!” another Instagram user added.

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Ree Drummond loves dogs

People that follow Drummond, know that she loves dogs. During a trip to Vail, Colorado, Drummond shared an endearing video of a store dog she met while shopping.

“I’m leaving Vail early in the morning to drive home,” she shared on Instagram. “So tonight I took Mauricio to a store in the village to try on a jacket I wanted to get my brother-in-law Tim for Christmas so I could gauge the right size. But then we met Trek, the store dog, and it was all over for me. Tim who??? I’ve never heard of the man.”

Drummond forgot about the shopping for a moment and spent some time with the beautiful dog that was laying down and getting pampered by the star. Dogs are so important in Drummond’s life that she even has a line of dog food with Purina branded with The Pioneer Woman name.

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Ree Drummond getting back her production crew

Drummond recently teased fans that the new season of The Pioneer Woman was about to start production. However, this time the production crew would return and her kids would not be filming the episodes. Drummonds’ children had been helping out with recording during the pandemic but as protocols for filming have been set, the film crew will return.

One of the things that Drummond said would return to the show was the showcasing of the “ranch activities,” which is something she said on Instagram that she missed.

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