Ree Drummond’s Blackberry Cobbler Is an Easy Dessert the Pioneer Woman Calls ‘Not of This World’

Ree Drummond, the host of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman, makes cobbler unbelievably simple. She uses all of five ingredients to make her five-star Blackberry Cobbler. 

The Pioneer Woman’s Blackberry Cobbler has a ‘30-second batter’

'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond
The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

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The celebrity chef admits there are different types of cobbler. “Everyone has their own interpretation of cobbler,” Drummond once said during an episode of The Pioneer Woman, which she films on her family’s ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. “Some people think of cobbler as fruit in a dish and a pie crust over the top. That’s one version. Some people think of cobbler as fruit on the bottom and a biscuit topping.”

She continued, saying she prefers cobbler “that’s a little bit more cakey and poofy.” Part of the reason she likes it this way is because the batter comes together in a matter of seconds. 

“That right there is why I love this cobbler so much,” she said as she mixed together milk, flour, sugar, and melted butter to form the batter. The only other ingredient? Blackberries.

“If you make a cobbler with a pie crust you have to cut the shortening in with the flour and go through all of those steps,” Drummond added. “If you do it with a biscuit topping you have to make the biscuit dough, roll it out, cut it. This is about a 30-second batter to throw together. And the sooner I can get cobbler in my mouth the happier I am.”

Ree Drummond describes her Blackberry Cobbler as ‘something not of this world’

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While everyone might interpret cobbler a little differently, the Food Network star’s version is all about a cakey texture. The magic happens after pouring the batter in a pan with fresh blackberries. 

“This batter is going to poof and bake around the blackberries and it turns into something not of this world,” Drummond explained on The Pioneer Woman

An added touch to give some crunch, the cookbook author sprinkles sugar on top of the cobbler when it has 10 minutes left in the oven. 

Drummond’s Blackberry Cobbler is a 5-star Food Network recipe

At the time of publication, the popular Pioneer Woman dessert recipe averages five stars on Food Network’s website. It’s been reviewed more than 500 times and, while some complained about the cobbler being too sweet or coming out of the oven flat, the majority of reviewers had positive things to say about it. 

“This really hit the spot,” one person wrote. “I’ve tried two other recipes, and this one from Ree is the best. Not too sweet and not bland.” Another called it a “crowd pleaser,” saying “there won’t be any to take home” after dinner. 

Others raved about the cobbler’s simplicity. “Such a simple recipe but doesn’t taste that way,” one reviewer wrote. Another described it as “so easy but tastes like you spent hours on it” while someone else called it a“fool-proof dish I will make again and again.” One even called it their “favorite cobbler recipe.”