Ree Drummond’s Obsessed With Tiramisu and These 5 Pioneer Woman Tiramisu Recipes Prove It

Ree Drummond’s created plenty of Pioneer Woman dessert recipes. However, one dish reigns supreme and that’s tiramisu. The classic Italian treat is the Food Network star’s favorite which is why there are so many Pioneer Woman tiramisu recipes. 

1. Ree Drummond’s Pumpkin Tiramisu is fall in a bowl

Ree Drummond smiles wearing a red shirt
Ree Drummond | Discovery Press

The flavors of this seasonal dessert certainly lend themselves to the months of October and November. Drummond adds falls flavors (think: pumpkin puree and cinnamon) for a less traditional take on tiramisu. She soaks store-bought ladyfingers in instant espresso and puts a splash of bourbon is in the filling. 

Best of all, Drummond’s Pumpkin Tiramisu doesn’t take too long to make. In a little less than an hour, according to Food Network, the dessert can be assembled. Although it’s not ready to eat right away. The cookbook author’s Pumpkin Tiramisu has to chill for five hours. So make it in the morning to have for dessert after dinner. Another option is to prepare it a day in advance. 

2. The Pioneer Woman’s tiramisu goes classic with raspberries

Love raspberries? Make Drummond’s Raspberry Tiramisu. The Food Network star layers fresh raspberries with fresh whipped cream and espresso-soaked ladyfingers to make a more traditional tiramisu. Despite being a classic combination Drummond still throws in a twist. Also on the ingredient list is marsala wine.

3. Ree Drummond’s tiramisu is ready in 20 minutes with Mini Tiramisu

This is a Pioneer Woman tiramisu recipe for those who need dessert in a hurry. Instead of letting the tiramisu chill in the fridge for hours, Drummond’s Mini Tiramisu is ready in just 20 minutes. Still using the quintessential tiramisu ingredients — sugar, espresso, ladyfingers, and chocolate  — the Food Network star simply speeds up the process. 

During an episode of The Pioneer Woman Drummond once called it “a quick-and-dirty version of Tiramisu” because she uses a hand mixer to fold in the mascarpone cheese as opposed to adding it to the whipped cream. 

Remember, this Pioneer Woman dessert’s for those times when the tiramisu taste is the goal without the time commitment. 

4. The Pioneer Woman’s tiramisu gets extra chocolatey with Triple Chocolate Tiramisu

Calling all chocolate lovers. Drummond’s recipe for Triple Chocolate Tiramisu is, as the name suggests, loaded with chocolatey goodness. Each component of the Pioneer Woman tiramisu has chocolate, from the filling to the topping. 

Drummond puts chocolate chips in the filling. Plus, there’s grated chocolate on every layer. If that’s not enough chocolate, the Food Network star puts chocolate curls on top.  

5. The Food Network star’s Frozen Tiramisu Cake is a unique take on the classic dessert

Already made Drummond’s tiramisu recipes and want to try something new? Then try this Pioneer Woman dessert. The Food Network star keeps the layers of a traditional tiramisu and turns them into a frozen dish. Instead of using a clear baking dish to show off the layers, Drummond opts for a loaf pan. She creates the layers, freezes the tiramisu, then turns it out for a show-stopping finish.

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