‘Regular Show’: 5 of the Series’ Best and Most Entertaining Villains

Regular Show, the Cartoon Network hit that toed the line between being a kid’s show and an adult comedy, ended in 2017. It’s been kept alive in a comic book series, but fans have long wanted a reboot with the original characters Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Muscle Man, and some version of Pops.

Each animated episode featured a wacky adventure that often sucked others into Mordecai and Rigby’s shenanigans, but the trip was always hilarious.

Some of their actions conjured up the most outrageous bad guys who are now legendary in Regular Show canon. There are too many interesting foes to count, but here are five of the TV show‘s funniest.

'Regular Show' episode 'World's Best Boss'
‘Regular Show’ episode ‘World’s Best Boss’ | Cartoon Network/YouTube

World’s Best Boss

On their quest to find Benson the perfect gift, the park gang searches for a mug to let him know he’s the greatest boss on the planet. They find the last one and scrap for it in the store. It breaks, and they order one online. The box arrives and all hell breaks loose.

“World’s Best Boss” Doug McFarland straight punching Pops in the face is enough to make one’s jaw drop. The melee with the corporate tie gang is ridiculous and necessary. The park crew takes a beating until Benson jumps in and starts swinging. He was in rare form, and he earned that mug.

The Geese

Ask any Regular Show fan about the geese, and they know who you’re talking about. The sinister gaggle of birds showed up in season 4 as a bunch of grown bullies. They make Pops cry, and Mordecai and Rigby call in their friends the baby ducks to help.

The geese morph into a four-headed beast and declare their right to terraform the park, but the ducks also form like Voltron. A showdown ensues, and the red-eyed geese are blasted into oblivion. The one-liners and the music just added to the spectacle of this classic episode.

Giant Bearded Face, aka Garrett Bobby Ferguson

Season 2 first introduced everyone to the giant bearded head known as Garrett Bobby Ferguson, or GBF. Angry about his high score being challenged, he shows up as a floating head looking to settle the score over his universe record.

After sprouting limbs, he goes head to head with Mordecai and Rigby in a game of Broken Bonez but he cheats. They kick him in the chin, finish their last turn, and win.

And GBF throws a tantrum until he explodes into goo. He then returns in season 4 with his son and they want to “show these park scum the meaning of revenge!” It didn’t work in his favor.

Gene the Vending Machine

Benson’s rival at a park across the way, Gene had a mean streak and was hellbent on East Pines Park being on top. The first time fans meet Gene is in the “Prankless” episode where he tried to destroy Benson’s park in a prank war.

Muscle Man beats them in that round, but Gene pops up in a few other episodes, such as the one where Benson takes him out in dodgeball.


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In a high stakes gag, Thomas poses as an intern as East Pines to retrieve the Park’s stolen statue. He plays the long game, it works, and Gene is livid that he’s outsmarted up until the very end when Benson and crew escape. That season 5 episode belongs in the Regular Show hall of fame.

Summertime Cassette

In one of the most relatable episodes ever, Summertime took over as the ultimate earworm. At first, the song is a bop to Rigby and to some viewers too.

Then it gets annoying and manifests as its own entity with arms and legs. It dances. It follows people. It blasts the same jam over and over. Awesome!

Mordecai and Rigby defeat it with a supernatural version of “Aw Snap,” but fans saw Summertime return when GBF brought an army of villains back to life.

However, they were all dispatched by the Park and their otherworldly allies. No matter, as Summertime and his tune lives on in the hearts and minds of Regular Show fans.

Viewers can relive these episodes by streaming the series on Hulu, HBO Max, or Cartoon Network.