‘Renovation Island’: Bryan Baeumler Talks Upcoming Season on Instagram, Explains How to Book a Stay at His Family’s Resort

A new season of Renovation Island is in the works. Bryan Baeumler took to Instagram on Sept. 13 to share an image of the crew hard at work filming episodes of his family’s HGTV series in the Bahamas. 

“We got the band back together,” the renovation expert and dad of four captioned the photo. 

Baeumler went on to respond to some fan comments on the post, sharing details about the upcoming season of Renovation Island and explaining how to book a stay at his family’s resort, the Caerula Mar Club. 

Bryan Baeumler says the new season ‘won’t be easy or boring’ 

Renovation Island (which originally aired on HGTV Canada) was a ratings smash for HGTV, with more than 5 million viewers watching the season finale. Though a second season hasn’t been officially announced by the network, production is in progress on new episodes, Baeumler has revealed. We don’t know exactly when those episodes will air or what challenges the family will face this time around. But things will definitely be interesting, Baeumler assured one curious fan who wanted to know what the new episodes would focus on. 

“We don’t know yet…whatever happens, happens! But based [on] experience, I can guarantee you it won’t be easy or boring!” he replied. 

By the time of the Renovation Island season finale, Bryan and his wife Sarah Baeumler had weathered Hurricane Dorian and succeeded in opening their resort. But viewers haven’t seen how they responded to a disaster that happened shortly after they welcomed their first guests: the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It seems likely new episodes will touch on the challenges of running a resort during a global health crisis.    

The Baeumlers explain how to book a stay at Caerula Mar Club 

Sarah and Bryan look over plans
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler on Renovation Island | HGTV

Do the Baeumlers Finish Their ‘Renovation Island’ Resort Restoration Project?

Unsurprisingly, many fans want to know how they can experience the Baeumler’s luxury resort for themselves. While the Caerula Mar Club is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, they are accepting reservations, with the beachfront hotel set to reopen Oct. 24.  

Earlier this year, the Bahamas banned U.S. travelers from visiting the islands due to the pandemic. That caused some confusion among Renovation Island fans, who weren’t sure they would be allowed to visit the resort. But Sarah Baeumler assured them they were welcome, provided they followed the guidelines from the Bahamian government. 

The Bahamas are “open already with a negative COVID test and health visa,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Bryan Baeumler shared more details about visiting the Bahamas during the pandemic. “You upload your negative COVID results for the Bahamas govt and they issue you a travel visa to enter,” he explained. 

Once they have a stay booked, travelers can fly directly to South Andros Island from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on Makers Airs, he added. 

Additional information about visiting the Bahamas is available on the country’s tourism website. To book a stay at Caerula Mar Club, visit the resort’s website

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